Today, porcelain tile is being made to look so much like wood or stone that it’s hard to tell the difference simply by looking at them. That’s because porcelain tiles are being created to look really natural, with all the details, textures, wearing and shades of wood or stone. The finishes are really quite remarkable!

Wood Flooring vs Wood Plank Porcelain Flooring

Homeowners are using wood plank porcelain in kitchens, bathrooms, and basements, or any room that takes a beating that would wear out natural wood for the reasons listed below:

1. It Resists Moisture
A wood-look tile provides the same beautiful, warm look you’d get from real wood. But, because it’s made from porcelain, it resists moisture. Using grout to seal the tiles will help to make your tile resistant to water and mold buildup.

2. It Is Easily Maintained
Wood-look tile is the perfect way to achieve the natural beauty of wood without having to worry about its upkeep. Wood-look porcelain tile is easy to clean.  Regular broom sweeping and mopping will keep your tile looking new for years to come.

3. It Helps with Heating and Cooling
Tile that looks like wood offers a warm look to your decor, yet it remains cool to the touch thanks to its porcelain composition.

4. It Works with Many Design Options
Wood-looking tile comes in a variety of designs. And you can get creative with different sizes of tiles and unique patterns, such as staggered, brick, or herringbone layouts. And don’t limit yourself to the floor; adding this tile to walls will create a serene nature-inspired look.


Regardless of the design aesthetic you are going for, wood-look porcelain tile offers the benefits of easy maintenance with plenty of room for imaginative design.


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