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Vinyl Pre-Installation Guide

What to Expect During Vinyl Installation

As with any flooring project, vinyl floor installation is considered a construction project and there is the potential for noise, dust, and material odors during installation. Post-installation, there will also be a period of time that you are asked to refrain from using the space so please plan accordingly.

Before the Installation Process

Once our warehouse receives your order, an installation manager will call you to schedule the installation of your new vinyl.

During the ordering process, the estimator who visited your home will have already discussed the installation process, including the layout of your new floor, and the removal of your existing floor, if needed. The estimator will also review how to make the installation process smooth and efficient, including the following tips:

  • If you’re remodeling more than your floor, all other construction projects should be completed.
  • Remove all furniture from the construction area as agreed upon with the estimator prior to the arrival of our installers.
  • Remove all small personal items, electronics and breakables from the tops of furniture and from closets where the new flooring will be installed.
  • Ensure that your home has an operational HVAC unit(s) before, during, and after installation.
  • Be sure to raise questions and concerns about the subfloor, timing and finishing/trim before the installation starts so we can address these issues and plan accordingly.

Our installers occasionally discover unforeseen issues or damage once we remove existing flooring. In such cases, the estimator/installer will review any issues and adjust pricing for any additional work/repairs that may need to be done.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Shade, sheen, and lighting all impact the look and appearance of your new vinyl flooring.

During the Installation Process

We strongly recommend customers be home when the installers first arrive. This allows the installers to review the materials with you and confirm installation areas and if need be, the contractor may ask where they can set up a saw/work station to make cuts (if applicable). Be assured, they will use drop cloths to protect nearby furniture and delicate items.

The installers will need to remove the existing floors and it should be known that they will have to use tools like saws, crow bars and even scrapers that will generate noise, dust and may cause nail pops in the ceiling below. Once the existing floor is removed, they may need to install new plywood for existing wood subfloors or a patch/skim coat on concrete subfloors. Proper subfloor prep is required by the manfucaturers and helps reduce the visibility of slight variations, dips or humps in the floor.

Once everything is prepped the installers will begin installing your new floor. Vinyl floors can be installed as a direct glue down or floating method. The main differences apply to the look and feel of the flooring once installed. Direct glue down is more permanent while floating can move a bit under foot (deflection). Your estimator will review and select the appropriate installation method with you prior to the installers’ arrival.

After the Installation Process

Once the installers finish installing your new flooring, they will clean up and remove all work-related debris and then begin moving the furniture back into the space. Please remember, this is the first time our installers have been in your home and they will do their best to put all the furniture back in their proper locations. Lastly, they will ask you to walk through the job with them to make sure all work is completed to your satisfaction.

It’s important to know what installation method was used so you know what to expect from your recent installation – for example:

  • Glue-down Installation: Light foot traffic is allowed
  • Floating Floor Installation: Floors can be used immediately
  • Grouted Installation: You may notice a light haze on the floor post–installation and it is completely normal! It is recommended that you wait at least 72 hours before you wash the floor.

For additional information read our care & maintenance guide.

IMPORTANT TIP: If you need to move any appliances within the space on the new flooring, you should use an appliance dolly with inflatable wheels to avoid damaging the floor.

Your Investment
is Protected

A 3 year installation warranty is included when you choose Avalon Flooring to install your products.

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