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Window Treatments Pre-Installation Guide

What to Expect During Window Treatments Installation

Hunter Douglas Window Treatments are custom made for your home. Due to the custom nature of the process, it’s important to note that Hunter Douglas products are not able to be returned/exchanged unless deemed defective according to the Hunter Douglas lifetime limited warranty.

Before the Installation Process

Once our installer has received your order they will call you to schedule a time for installation.

There are a few things to be mindful as you prep for your installation, see below:

Measurements: The installation of your window treatments requires precise measurements that are taken by our professional team when they visit your home. In order to ensure the most accurate measurement for your new window treatments, we ask that you have all windows trimmed and not under construction prior to our arrival for measuring.

Installation: Please remove personal items, furniture, breakables, and electronic devices that are in front of any windows where the window treatments will be installed. Additionally, we ask that you complete any painting, trim work, or window cleaning prior to the start of the installation.

During the Installation Process

We strongly recommend that customers be home when the installers first arrive. This allows the installers to review the materials with you and confirm installation areas. The installers will prep the area by laying down drop cloths in the designated areas where they will be drilling to mount brackets that hold your new window treatments securely.

Your new window treatments can be installed in a matter of hours and you will be able to enjoy them right away. Overall, the installation process should not involve too much disruption to your life or home. Our professional installers are specialists and trained specifically on Hunter Douglas window treatments and have all the tools necessary to hang your new products and make the installation process go quickly and smoothly.

After the Installation Process

Once the installers finish hanging your new window treatments, they will clean up and remove all work-related debris and then ask you to review the job with them to make sure all work is completed to your satisfaction.

As a reminder, it is important to properly secure your window treatments according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

For additional information read our care & maintenance guide.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For faux/composite wood treatments: Temperature, sun, and humidity levels may affect the slat materials. Some shifting and movement may occur, especially on wider and longer sized blinds.

Additional Considerations

Inside Mount Light/Sight Gaps

When windows can accommodate an inside mount installation, homeowners prefer this installation method as it allows window treatments to be hung inside the window casing, creating a clean look that highlights the trim around the windows.

However, it is important to know that there are some limitations to this type of install that you should be aware of like “Light Gaps” along the edges of the treatments that allow enough space for them to work properly.

Below is an approximate measurement of the light/sight gap you can expect to see with each type of window treatment:

  • Wood / Faux Wood: ½” on each side
  • Cell Shades: ½” on each side except with continuous loop cord
  • Cell Shade w/Continuous Loop Cord: 1 on the control side and ½” on the non-control side
  • Silhouette, Vignette and anything with Side Control (except Roller Shades): 1” on the control side and ¾” on the non-control side
  • Roller / Solar Shades: 1” to 1 ¼” on the control side and ¾” to 1” on the non-control side
  • Luminette and Vertical Blinds: Large gaps on the sides (recommendation is to use an outside mount installation method)

Room Darkening Treatments

Unfortunately, nothing is totally black out! Whether you chose an inside mounted or outside mounted method of installation—light gaps will exist. However, there is typically less when treatments are outside mounted.

Battery Powered Shades

Nothing is better than having control of your window treatments at your fingertips! Just as any remote, the batteries will need to be replaced eventually. Please note that sufficient battery changes are the responsibility of the owner and not covered under the 5-year manufacturer warranty on power shades.

Faux Wood / Wood Blind Valances over 96”

If you are getting custom window treatments, for large feature window custom window treatments, please note that the valance that covers the operating system will be in two pieces with a center splice.

Outside Mount Treatments with Cassette Head Rails (Applies to Roller Shades, Silhouettes, Vignettes, etc)

When utilizing the outside mount installation method with your window treatments, the fabric will be ½” shorter than cassette head rail on each side. If you prefer to have the fabric cover all of the trim, the head rail will have to extend wider than the trim.

Cordless Window Treatments

Cordless Window Treatments can and often are not level when being raised; this means they may need to be dressed by homeowner for proper leveling.

Your Investment
is Protected

A 3 year installation warranty is included when you choose Avalon Flooring to install your products.

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