Accent Wall Ideas

There are few design ideas more mystifying than the accent wall. Should you paint, wallpaper, or use a certain material? How bold is too bold? And for starters, which room should steal the spotlight? If you’re asking yourself these questions, you’re not alone. To get you inspired and not stressed out, we’re sharing our favorite accent wall ideas. But first, we’re going to help you start this fun process by laying out what you should first consider and helping you figure out which wall to feature before diving into the stylish ways you could boost your space. So, read on to learn how to master the remarkable accent wall!

How to Choose an Accent Wall

Choosing the right wall to become your accent wall is the first step to this stylish process. A poor choice could mean the difference between a room that “nails it” and a room that just seems a bit off. Whichever you choose, be confident that there’s a reason to draw attention to it. In general, the right wall to accent is usually the first one you see when you enter a room. However, given that many rooms have many entry points, that may not provide you surefire direction. Look for other architectural clues, like a fireplace, built-in bookcases, nooks, etc.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

-The accent wall should be symmetrical.Avoid walls that have a slope, windows of different sizes, or even odd niches.

-Look for a solid wall.Walls that don’t have interruptions (like doors, windows, built-ins, etc.) are great accent wall contenders. Common examples of this kind of ideal wall are the walls behind sofas and beds.

-Consider existing furnishings.If a potential accent wall is already mainly concealed by art, floor lamps, tall furniture or even certain window treatments, using that wall as your accent wall won’t work out. Look for walls that are fairly open.

Accent Wall Ideas


accent walls
Photo courtesy of Armstrong Flooring

Laminate is no longer only for your floors. You can complement the beautiful look of your floor by making a statement with laminate flooring on your walls. Laminate offers the authentic look and feel of real hardwood. This creative use of it on walls is at an all-time high—it’s stylish, affordable and easy to install.

Also, the vast variety of species and color palettes make it a perfect choice for creating a shabby-chic vibe, traditional look, or added elegance.


Think outside the box and make a statement indoors that’s inspired by what’s outdoors—wood! Wood is a great feature wall idea to add texture, warmth and most definitely an accent to any space. Wood has always been in trend and always will be because it’s natural, warm, looks chic and adds such coziness that can’t be achieved with other types of décor. Plus, it easily matches almost any interior.


accent walls
Landscape 6×24 Natural Stone Ledger Panel available at Avalon Flooring

To bring more of the outdoors indoors, there’s nothing like the natural beauty of natural stone. Stone accent walls can add more than just interest to a room; they add depth, dimension and design! So, if you have a room that could use a boost, consider using natural stone as a way to get that dream job done.


Denmark Vintage 8×8 Patterned Tile available at Avalon Flooring

If you’re looking to make a design statement in your home, consider tile. Instead of just using it for a nice low backsplash in your bathroom or kitchen, send your tile all the way up to create an accent wall and an eye-catching focal point, which is fun to do since the creative ideas seem limitless. You can use a variety of materials, including glass, ceramic, natural stone and wood-look tile to fit no matter what décor style you’re going for.

Accent walls, whether big or small, as you can see can make a major impact on a room’s style. While plain, unadorned white walls will always be the safer choice, opting to go big with a pop of style or an unexpected pattern of material on one entire wall make it feel like the space is actually lived in and loved. So, to get started with choosing the best of these accent wall ideas for you, meet with one of our talented design experts in one of our locations and get inspired—and of course enjoy the whole process!

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