All About Carpet Remnants

Carpet remnants can go a long way in providing practical uses for your home or fixing a simple problem. But like any flooring material, it’s important to understand what it is, its pros and cons and how it can best be used in your home. So, let’s begin!

What Are Carpet Remnants?

Carpet remnants are exactly how their name sounds. They are the remains of a full roll of carpeting. The carpet remnants we specifically carry (available for sale in our Deptford, Manahawkin, Toms River and Rio Grande locations) are the ends of special rolls we purchase from top manufacturers.

To help you better understand carpet remnants, let’s get into their pros, cons and other ways to use them in your home.

Pros of Using Carpet Remnants

Affordable & Convenient

The biggest benefit of carpet remnants are the convenience and reduced prices. We carry them specifically for the person that wants to accomplish their flooring project fast. There’s no long wait time for special orders. Walk in, select the carpet remnant you want, and walk out with your selection at a decent price. It’s quick, easy and makes for a perfect way to get started on your weekend project.


Fortunately, the low, discounted prices don’t mean the quality is also low. These remnants are still high-quality pieces from major manufacturers, at just a the fraction of the cost.

Quick Temporary Solution

Because of their convenience and low prices, carpet remnants make a great solution for temporary uses and quick fixes, even if they need to be replaced at some point.

Cons of Using Carpet Remnants

Selection & Availability

The only drawbacks of carpet remnants are the selection and availability, or possible lack thereof. If you’re looking for a specific style and color of carpet, you make have to check more than one location before you come across the one you want.

Ways You Can Use Carpet Remnants

Area Rug

Besides using them for a whole room installation, carpet remnants make great area rugs. They can easily be cut into just about any size you need and bound for a nice, custom area rug for a lower price compared to a regular custom area rug.

Stair Runners

If you have hardwood stairs, you may have thought about getting a runner to put on top of them, especially if you have pets or children that can slip on the stairs. Because you would probably, roughly need about 3 feet in width but a long length, our carpet remnants could be the perfect choice for making stair runners.

Where to Buy Carpet Remnants

Now that we’ve covered the important basics of carpet remnants, it’s time to start looking for your own! If you can find a remnant in the size, style and color suitable to your needs, you can save a fair amount of money—and that’s a pretty good deal! So, stop by either our Deptford, Manahawkin, Toms River, Rio Grande, or Warrington stores and start shopping!

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