Area Rug Sizing Guide | How to Choose the Right Area Rug

Choosing the right area rug for each room of the house can be difficult. There are many things to consider when choosing area rugs; not limited to style, color, and size. Needless to say with all the different rugs available it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your space. This is why we compiled a master “cheat, cheat” to accessorize every room in your house with the perfect area rug!

Area Rugs for Hallways 

Let’s start with a relatively easy room to choose an area rug in, your hallway! Adding a runner to your hallway elongates the room and adds a fun element to your space. 

Area rugs in the hallway can complement existing decor or add a fun pop of color to attract the eyes. Hallways are high traffic areas so make sure to choose an area rug made out of durable materials.

For more information on choosing the perfect area rug for your hallway check out our Area Rugs and Runners for Hallways Blog.

Area Rugs for Dining Rooms 

Area rugs for your dining room require a bit more strategy than hallways. Dining rooms are made to be functional as well as beautiful. When choosing an area rug for your dining room you not only have to take into consideration the size of the room but also the size of the dining room table and chairs. Each chair should be able to be pulled out from under the table and still be comfortable comfortably on the rug. Dining room area rugs are a center point in a dining area so it’s important to pick a color and pattern that you absolutely love and compliments the rest of the room. This is NOT an area to purchase delicate rugs, something durable and easy to clean is a must as dining rooms are the center for food and great conversations. For more information on how to choose the best area rug for your dining room check out our Area Rugs for Dining Room Blog

Area Rugs for Bedrooms 

Bedrooms are our persona havens, of course, we want them to look fabulous! There are a couple of different styles and options when it comes to choosing an area rug for your bedroom. If you have a larger bedroom you can experiment with larger area rugs that take up most of the room for a stunning effect. 

Another option is to have the area rug stop right before the end tables.

If you are styling an area rug in a smaller bedroom our go-to is to place the area rug under the middle of the bed so it frames the end and edges of the bed.

Adding an area rug to your bedroom is a great way to personalize your space, for more information on how to style area rugs in bedrooms check out our Area Rugs for Bedrooms blog

Area Rugs for Living Rooms 

Living rooms are the most popular space to style area rugs in as well as the most complicated. No two living room is the same so choosing an area rug differs for each living space. For larger living rooms you have the option of a larger area rug that takes up most of the space to create a focal point. 

For medium living rooms, furniture tends to be flush to the wall so placing an area rug at the center with just the front legs of any couch or chairs on the rug is our go-to for creating a center point in your living room. 

Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean an area rug can’t accentuate your space. When choosing an area rug for a smaller space we suggest creating a center point by placing an area rug in front of the furniture.

When choosing an area rug for your living room find one that compliments your interior style and genuinely makes you happy, after all, we spend a good amount of time in our living rooms. For more information on how to choose the best area rug for your living room check out our Area Rugs for Living Room Blog.