Area Rug Weave “Know How”

Area rugs provide comfort, warmth and decorative interest in a room. While there are tons of style options for area rugs, they’re more than just a pretty face. There are some things to consider before making a decision, like which rug weave is right for you and your space. Let’s get to know each weave a little better.

Hand Knotted

Hand knotted rugs require a lot of effort and work to produce. They are the most valuable of the weaves because the each knot is knotted by hand. These rugs are usually made of wool, silk or cotton; wool being the most popular. Hand knotted rugs are also very durable and are sure to withstand the test of time and the day-to-day wear in high traffic areas.

Hand Tufted

Hand tufted rugs, while they’re also done by hand, they take far less time to complete giving them a less expensive price tag than hand knotted rugs. During this process, the design of the rug is imprinted onto a canvas. Then a tufting gun is used to push the appropriate color fiber through the canvas creating a loop pile or a cut pile. A scrim is then applied to the back of the rug with latex to secure the fibers. Then it’s covered with another cloth or canvas backing for extra protection. Hand-tufted rugs are very durable and can withstand high traffic areas; however, because they tend to be plush and soft they’re best used in bedrooms.

Hand Hooked

Hand hooked weaving is a practice that’s been around for centuries. This process involves pulling loops through a canvas cloth and securing it by applying a protective backing. Although hand hooked rugs are quite durable, they’re best known for their intricate designs and best used in light traffic areas like dining rooms, bedrooms and sun rooms.

Flat Woven

Flat woven rugs are very unique because they’re actually reversible. This is because there is no real pile, which makes them thinner and flatter than other weaves; hence the name “flat woven”. These rugs are woven on a loom by passing a weft strand back and forth through the warp. An important tip with this weave, and all area rugs, is to purchase a rug pad for stability and floor protection.

Machine Made

The last weave is machine made. While they’re not as unique as hand knotted rugs, they’re still high quality and just as durable. Machine made rugs are created on electronically controlled looms that are programmed with the design and color and finished with binded edges. These rugs are produced much faster and have precise designs. They are then finished by binding the edges. This weave is the most cost effective option when working with a tight budget.

So with this weave break down, you can easily figure out which will be the most beneficial for your space—no matter what style or budget you’re working with!

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