Area Rugs and Runners for Hallways

Adding a runner area rug to your hallway can make the hall look visually longer. Hallway rugs are also a great way to add a pop of color or design in an area of the home that usually has less decor than other rooms. Particularly if your hallway contains hardwood, laminate, or vinyl flooring, an area rug can help soften the sounds of footsteps – an important feature for the hall outside any bedrooms while your family is sleeping! We’ll walk you through how to choose an area rug that is the perfect size and design for your hallway.


Hallway Runner Sizes

It’s important to remember that when you see rugs hanging in a showroom, they usually look a lot bigger than when they are on the floor. It can therefore be tricky to guess the rug size you need just by looking at your hallway. You need to actually measure the length and width of your hallway, and you should also take into account whether there is any furniture in the hallway as well, such as a foyer table or a lamp. These illustrations should help you decide:

In hallways, area rugs and runners should be centered if there is furniture on both sides of the hall.Hallway Design Mockup Floor Plan with Area Rug

If you only have furniture against one wall in the hallway, you should push the area rug to one side. 

Hallway Design Mockup Floor Plan with Area Rug

In either case, the furniture should not be on the runner, as hallways are not as wide as full rooms and placing furniture on the rug can make the hallway look crowded and small.


Best Runners for Your Hallway

Adding a runner-style area rug to your hallway can be both fun and functional. When looking for the perfect hallway rug, there are several factors beyond size that you should consider.



Because many hallways may have little existing decor, beyond the wall color, adding a hall runner rug is a great opportunity to include a pop of color or a fun design. With hallway rugs, you have a lot of flexibility. If the hallway opens up to a main room, consider extending the design or color scheme through to your runner. For a hallway that is largely closed off, you may want to consider a lighter or softer color scheme to make the space appear larger, rather than more crowded. Many of our area rug collections can be custom-made into runners for your hallway. Here are examples of a few collections that would make a great addition to your hallway:


Andorra Area Rug Persian Inspired Design
Andorra Runner in Color 9818G 2’3” x 8′


Atlas Area Rug
Atlas Runner in Color 8037G 2’6”x12’


Katari Area Rug in Ice Birch Color
Katari Runner in Ice Birch 2’10” x 7’10”


Texture and Usability

Hallways tend to be high traffic areas, since your family uses them to get to and from every other room in the house. When selecting a hallway rug, it’s therefore important to look for a runner that can withstand heavy foot (and paw) traffic. Consider low-pile rugs for more long-term durability in your hallway.


Ready to pick out the perfect runner for your hallway? Measure your floor and visit one of our showrooms to see our area rug options in person!