Area Rugs for Bedrooms

Area rugs are a great way to accent your bedroom, bringing in a pop of color or tying the room together with a pattern. Particularly if your bedroom contains hardwood, laminate, or vinyl flooring, area rugs can also create a warm and cozy place to step when you first get out of bed in the morning. We’ll walk you through how to choose an area rug that is the perfect size and design for your bedroom.


The Best Rug Size for Your Bedroom

Ivory Silver Sahara Area Rug on Bedroom Floor
Sahara Area Rug in Ivory Silver

It’s important to remember that when you see rugs hanging in a showroom, they usually look a lot bigger than when they are on the floor. It can therefore be tricky to guess the rug size you need just by looking at your bedroom, bed size, or a rug itself. You need to actually measure the size of your bedroom, and it can be helpful to also understand the measurements of the space between your bed and other furniture to help decide how much of the floor you want covered. But don’t worry – whether you have a king-size bed or a twin, there’s an area rug design that will look great in your bedroom! These illustrations should help you decide:

For large bedrooms, one approach is to have an area rug that covers most of the floor space – one that can accommodate having all furniture on it.
Large Bedroom Floor Plan Design Mockup with Area Rug

An alternate approach for large bedrooms is to have the rug stop right before the night tables.
Large Bedroom Floor Plan Design Mockup with Area Rug
For small bedrooms, or if you have a smaller rug you’d like to use, try placing it under the middle of the bed so that it comes out a few feet from under the end and the sides of the bed.

Small Bedroom Floor Plan Design Mockup with Area Rug

Best Area Rugs for Your Bedroom

Adding an area rug to your bedroom can be both fun and functional. When looking for the perfect area rug for your bedroom, there are several factors beyond size that you should consider.

Karavia Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug on Bedroom Floor
Karavia Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug in 1330X Color


Adding an area rug in your bedroom is a great way to incorporate an accent color that complements the overall decorating scheme of the space. If the blankets or comforter on your bed have a busy pattern, consider selecting a solid color rug that really pulls out one of the more subtle colors in the bedding pattern. On the flip side, solid color bedding opens your bedroom up to a variety of pattern possibilities.  Keep in mind when considering your bedroom area rug and overall design that soft colors and patterns in your bedroom are conducive to relaxation and sleep.


Texture and Usability

The texture of your bedroom area rug can set the tone for your bedroom’s overall aesthetic. Bedroom area rugs are available in both high- and low-pile designs, and both can add a cozy element to the room. It can help to decide whether the area rug will be the focal point, or whether it will be more complementary to the bedroom overall. High-pile area rugs, like shag, can draw more direct attention, while lower-pile area rugs tend to blend more.



One last element to consider before deciding on a bedroom area rug is the sleeping patterns of your pets. Does your cat or dog tend to curl up in your bedroom or jump up on the bed to sleep? If your pet spends as much time in your bedroom as you do, you may want to consider an area rug that’s easier to clean. Look for polypropylene or wool area rug materials for your bedroom, in that case.


Ready to pick out the perfect area rug for your bedroom? Measure your floor and furniture and visit one of our showrooms to see our area rug options in person!