Area Rugs for Dining Rooms

Area rugs are a great way to accent your dining room decor and to give your dining table a bold platform. When choosing an area rug for your dining room, it’s important to consider the functionality as well as the design and look. The dining room is a more functional area of the house, and keep in mind there is a higher chance of food spills, as well! We’ve put together a guide for choosing the perfect area rug size, texture, and design for your dining room.


The Right Rug Size for Your Dining Room

When it comes to putting an area rug in your dining room, make sure the rug is not too small for the room or for the entire dining table and chairs. Each chair should be able to be pulled out from under the table and still be comfortably on the rug. When chairs are tucked in there should be ample carpet around the chairs. This illustration should help:


Keep in mind when you see rugs hanging in a showroom that they look a lot bigger than when they are on the floor. It can therefore be tricky to guess the rug size you need just by looking at a room or a rug. You need to actually measure the size of your dining room as well as the size of your dining room table – with the chairs pulled out.


Best Area Rugs For Under Your Dining Table

When selecting an area rug for the dining room, consider both design and functionality.

Jamison Wool Area Rug in 53302


An area rug under your dining room table will become the focal point of the room. You may therefore want to make the area rug the boldest color or pattern, allowing it to be the center of attention with coordinating walls and other decor that pull out a subtler or more neutral color from the rug. Since the area rug will also be under the dining table, look for a color that will complement the wood type or stain of your furniture to really tie the room together.

Maharaja Area Rug in 71N

Easy-to-Clean Texture

An area rug in your dining room has a high chance of being subject to potential crumbs, spills, and food messes. Choosing an area rug that is easy to clean will help you keep your dining room looking its best. Luckily, there are several natural area rug materials that do a great job of keeping your dining room clean. Look for a low-pile, natural area rug made from wool, jute, cotton, or seagrass. If you really want a synthetic area rug under your dining table, consider polypropylene, as it is the easiest of the synthetic rug materials to keep clean. Check out these examples of some of the area rug materials we offer at Avalon Flooring, or browse our full collection.

Anatolia Wool Area Rug
Joplin Polypropylene Area Rug

Ready to pick out the perfect area rug for your dining room? Gather your floor and table measurements and visit one of our showrooms to see our area rug options in person!