Area Rugs for Living Rooms

Area rugs are a great way to accent any room, but they are particularly popular in living room and family room spaces. They can really tie the room together or add a fun pop of color or texture. When choosing an area rug for your living room, there are a few things you should consider from a design perspective to make sure your area rug really complements the overall look, without detracting from the existing decor. We’ll walk you through how to choose the perfect size and design for your living room area rug.


The Right Rug Size for Your Living Room

Ankara Global Area Rug in Red

First, when you see rugs hanging in a showroom, keep in mind that they look a lot bigger than when they are on the floor. It can therefore be tricky to guess the rug size you need just by looking at a room or a rug. You need to actually measure the size of the space, and know how much of the floor you want covered, as well as know which pieces of furniture you want placed on the area rug. These illustrations should help:

For larger living rooms you can float furniture in the center of the room. It’s important that the furniture doesn’t feel squished on the rug, so make sure there is breathing room around all the edges.
Large Living Rooms

For medium-sized living rooms you can place the furniture against the walls, putting a rug in the center with the front legs of the furniture on the rug and the back legs on the floor.

Medium-Sized Living Rooms

For smaller, more compact living rooms you can place a rug in front of the furniture, filling the space created in the middle by the furniture. Here it shows putting the coffee table on the rug.
Small Living Rooms


Best Area Rugs for Your Living Room

If you are bringing an area rug into your living room, chances are you already have the style of the room established and you are looking for something to complement the room or tie it all together. When selecting an area rug for your living room, there are several factors beyond size that you should consider.


Adding an area rug to your living room can be a great opportunity to incorporate an accent color that complements the overall decorating scheme of the space. For a living room with a largely neutral color scheme in flooring, walls, and furniture, selecting a standout area rug can add a pop of color to your space and naturally draw attention to the rug.

Crawford Wool Area Rug in Ornament Magenta

On the other hand, a living room that already has a dramatic or intense color scheme could benefit from a more neutral area rug that serves a more functional purpose.


Texture and Usability

It’s important to consider the pile of the area rug you want to add to your living room. Rugs are available in both high- and low-pile designs. High-pile rug designs, like shag, are a better choice for rooms that are not used frequently, as constant walking over a high-pile rug will wear it down over time. If you are outfitting a “formal” living room that is used less frequently than a separate family room, high-pile could be a good choice. For high-traffic living or family rooms, you may want to consider a low-pile area rug that can withstand walking and potentially kids or pets playing on the rug.

High-Pile Cosmo Shag in 81107 Color
Low-Pile Evolution Area Rug in 8039E

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