Bathroom Vanity Accessories

One major component of every remodeling project is figuring out how to incorporate storage options—even in a bathroom. Extra storage is one of the most important elements in your bathroom, especially if you have several family members using the space. If that’s the case, then there are many bathroom essentials that not just your vanity can hold. So, it’s important that you keep in mind the different vanity accessories—that’s right, we said accessories. And it just so happens that we carry these helpful items that coordinate with our vanity collections perfectly.

Here are some that you can choose from that are high-quality designs, colors and styles that suit your bathroom’s décor.

bathroom vanity accessories

Linen Cabinet

bathroom vanity accessories
Brantley vanity collection available at Avalon Flooring

Cabinets can help you get your bathroom essentials put away and nicely organized. A basic wall cabinet with doors and shelves turns a blank wall into a functional area for conveniently stashing away small bathroom needs, including toilet tissue.

Valet Cabinet

bathroom vanity accessories
Georgette vanity collection available at Avalon Flooring
bathroom vanity accessories
Corsicana vanity collection available at Avalon Flooring

The valet cabinet is a great decorative storage option, especially when it has the open shelf at the bottom. It can be hung over the toilet or on a separate wall, no matter what it’s another great storage idea.

Medicine Cabinets

bathroom vanity accessories
Crosswinds vanity collection available at Avalon Flooring

Medicine cabinets should be a must with any new bathroom remodel, but they can even be added to already existing bathrooms in dire need of extra storage space.

What’s great about a medicine cabinet is the built-in functionality it adds to the bathroom. Tucked right behind the mirror, you have the perfect place to stash every day bathroom items you want to be easily accessible.

Now that you know about the different bathroom accessories, it’s time to pick out the styles that go with your space’s décor. Stop by one of our locations to see these styles in person and make your decision!

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