Best Bathroom Window Treatments

We sometimes ignore bathroom windows because we often see them as functional parts of the room rather than design elements, like tiles or flooring. It can be difficult to see them as an important part of the space, and also difficult to then choose the right window treatment. And that’s why we’re here to help you choose the best bathroom window treatments for your home.


Before getting into the types of bathroom window treatments to choose from, there are some important considerations you should keep in mind that will help influence your decision.

Privacy & Natural Light

Privacy is the most important consideration. Window treatments are more than just a dressing for your home. They need to pull double duty of adding the beauty of natural light to a space and providing privacy—especially in the bathroom.


Since bathrooms are often the most humid rooms in the home because of the moisture from showers and bathtubs, window treatments must be easy to clean ad able to withstand high humidity without warping or staining.

Bathroom Window Treatment Ideas

Now it’s time to go over the best bathroom window treatment styles to help inspire you to create your ideal, spa-like retreat.

Faux Wood Shutters

faux wood shutters
Hunter Douglas Palm Beach Polysatin shutters available at Avalon Flooring

In recent years, faux wood shutters have gained popularity with consumers as one of the best bathroom window treatment ideas. Shutters constructed from lightweight yet durable materials, like vinyl, can provide the timeless beauty and look of traditional wood shutters, but with some distinct advantages.

Wood shutters can warp and crack if exposed to high levels of moisture, making them not the ideal choice for bathrooms. The advantage of faux shutters is that they’re made from nonporous materials that will resist moisture, mold and mildew, which makes them great for bathrooms. They also can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and soap.

Faux Wood Blinds

best bathroom window treatments
Hunter Douglas Everwood® Alternative Wood Blinds available at Avalon Flooring

Like faux shutters, faux wood blinds are one of the top bathroom window treatments because they are so versatile, giving you the elegance of real wood blinds while resisting high moisture areas in the bathroom because faux wood window treatments will not warp, crack or mildew.

Faux wood blinds won’t hassle you when it’s time to clean and the classic, traditional look complements the pristine quality of this space. If you are still yearning for a pop of color, try adding decorative cloth drapes to match your bathroom’s mood.

Roman Shades

best bathroom window treatments
Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Roman shades available at Avalon Flooring

Roman shades offer all that you expect from bathroom window treatments as they are functional, efficient, and create a beautiful statement. Roman shades allow you to control the natural light and make your bathroom spaces elegant and classy by adding softness to those hard surfaces of your bathroom. Color and pattern options are endless, so choose a style and fabric that help complement the tones of your bathroom. As an added bonus, Roman shades also help absorb sound.

Don’t forget the most important factor when choosing fabrics for a high moisture and heavy traffic area like the bathroom is water-resistance. So, make sure you select Romand shades with a bathroom window treatment fabric that is resistant to moisture and mildew, and that can easily be spot cleaned.

Cellular Shades

best bathroom window treatments
Hunter Douglas Duette® Honeycomb Shades available at Avalon Flooring

Cellular shades, also called Honeycomb shades, are available in several opacities from sheer to blackout, lending privacy to your bathroom. Light filtering cellular shades scatter light passing through it so the view from outside or inside will not be visible.

You can also operate and adjust them throughout the day to manage sunlight in your private space. Cellular shades are also good for noise reduction. They help absorb the sound and they are durable, too. These shades are also easily cleaned with a wet sponge.

Roller Shades

best bathroom window treatments
Hunter Douglas Designer roller shades available at Avalon Flooring

Roller shades are perfect for bathrooms for their transparency options, ease of use, and moisture resistance. Roller shades can be lifted easily during the day to let light in if needed, and can also be motorized for raising and lowering at the push of a button. When raised, roller shades have a slim profile and practically disappear into the top of the window frame. Roller shades are also resistant to wet conditions.

For bathrooms with a view, light filtering bathroom window treatments like roller shades preserve the effect while offering a moderate degree of privacy.

Roller shades diffuse light entering through it so the view from the outside or inside will not clearly be visible. Dark and opaque fabric colors darken a room, while light colors allow a little more sunlight. Blackout roller shades can also be an ideal choice for bathrooms, as the dense fabric of blackout roller shades stands up well in bathrooms.

So, when choosing the right window treatments, it’s important to take the time to pick an option that will hold up in a humid environment, complement your style and also provide the perfect balance between lighting and privacy. To find out more and see your choices in person, stop by one of our locations to meet with one of our helpful design experts!

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