Commercial Flooring : Broadloom vs. Carpet Tile

Broadloom vs. Carpet Tile

Broadloom carpet & carpet tiles, also known as Modular carpets, are the two main choices when it comes to soft surface flooring in commercial interiors. Deciding between these two soft surface options is the first choice you will make when it comes to redoing your commercial floors. Both options have their pros and cons depending on your needs

Installing Broadloom VS Modular Carpet Tiles 

When it comes to actually installing these two types of carpet the methods couldn’t be more different. Broadloom carpet comes in a large roll, usually a minimum of 12ft wide, and needs to be “rolled out” by a crew of workers who cut & align all the pieces together. 

Commercial Broadloom Carpet in a conference room
Commercial Broadloom Carpet

Carpet tiles are less manual work for installers. They come in pre-sized squares with their own integrated backing and base. Carpet tile installation looks and feels more like putting together a puzzle and is less intensive than broadloom. 

Commercial Modular Carpet Tiles featured in a conference room
Commercial Modular Carpet Tiles

Both these soft surfaces sift directly on the subfloor with Broadlooms requiring a carpet pad.

Broadloom Carpet Pros & Cons 

Broadloom carpets are a traditional and classic choice for commercial interiors.  There are certain broadloom carpets that can be used to create a softer and plusher feel than carpet tile allows which is a major pro. While prices may vary, broadloom carpet is generally less expensive than Modular carpet tiles & have more design options.

There are a few disadvantages to broadloom carpet, the main one being the cost of repair if the carpet gets damaged or stained. If a Broadloom carpet gets damaged the whole carpet section must be taken up and re-installed to fully fix it. There is also a decent amount of unnecessary or unused materials discarded when installing broadloom. 

Commercial Broadloom Carpet in an office
Commercial Broadloom Carpet

Modular Carpet Tiles Pros & Cons 

Modular carpet tiles are a soft surface for anyone looking for very little maintenance. Replacing damaged or stained carpet is easy, as you can quickly remove each individual tile to clean or replace. Storing extra carpet tiles is usually cost-effective and requires minimal space. While Broadloom carpet may have more design options, carpet tiles can replicate checkerboard and textured patterns in a unique and cost-effective design. 

Modular carpet tiles are not best for larger patterns or mosaic designs, those are more cost-effective with Broadloom. Seams are more visible with carpet tile, which can be a drawback depending on the design. Certain carpet tiles are also more expensive than Broadloom. 

Commercial Modular Carpet Tiles featured in an office space
Commercial Modular Carpet Tiles