Child Safe Window Treatments

We know that as a parent, you want to do everything to make sure your little ones are safe in the place you call home. There are many ways to childproof a home, but something that is often overlooked is the covering on your windows. Almost every home includes blinds or shades that allow you to enjoy privacy from the outside world, but these decorative window coverings can often have cords that can be hazardous to children and pets. So, when selecting window treatments for your children’s bedrooms, it’s important to take important safety measures into consideration. Today, we’re sharing advice on how to make your shades, curtains, and blinds safe for your kids.


Top 5 Tips for Making Window Treatments Child-Safe

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, corded window coverings are among the top five hidden hazards in American homes. Prevention begins with awareness. We all know that children are curious about the world around them, so keep the following tips top of mind to reduce the risk of accidents:

  1. Position cribs, beds, playpens and other furniture on walls without windows and window cords.
  2. Check current window treatments for any exposed or dangling cords & keep cords out of reach of children by tucking the cord up around the top of the blinds.
  3. Keep pull cords as short as they can functionally be & permanently anchor continuous loop window covering cords to the floor or wall.
  4. Limit the movement of cords between blinds slats (the inner cords) by installing cord stops and adjusting them to have limited movement.
  5. Go Cordless! Eliminate all potential risks when you change to a cordless window blind option that combines safety, functionality and style.

The window coverings industry has utilized every method possible to make sure consumers are aware of the dangers corded window coverings can pose to children’s safety – from labels to warning tags and more. Together, Hunter Douglas and the Window Covering Safety Council encourage homeowners to install cordless window blinds and shades in rooms where young children play and sleep. From cordless alternatives to motorized operation systems, Hunter Douglas offers a wide array of products to help reduce the risk of accidents that are also a beautiful addition to your home décor.

Cordless Window Treatments Keep Kids’ Rooms Safe

The best window treatment for your child’s bedroom is one that is going to ensure their safety, while also complementing the look and feel of the room. We’ve outlined several operating systems that can pair with any Hunter Douglas blind or shade in your kid’s room to keep your kids as safe as possible. 


With the LiteRise cordless operating system you simply use your fingers to raise or lower the product. LiteRise will eliminate the need to have an operating cord, while also offering a more streamlined appearance – creating a stylish look in your child’s bedroom and eliminating safety risks.



A value-priced alternative to LiteRise, SimpleLift enhances both beauty and safety. Just raise and lower with the contoured bottom rail—no handle or cords required for these child-safe window treatments.


Standard Cordlock

The Standard Cordlock system from Hunter Douglas uses a cord to lock the position of your child’s window treatments in place. While cords are still in use, this classic operating system features cord cleats to keep cords off the floor and out of the reach of children, helping to ensure your child’s safety.



If your child’s bedroom has larger windows that would make cordless window treatments difficult to reach, Hunter Douglas EasyRise™ is a great solution. EasyRise™ is a continuous cord loop that makes it easy to adjust your shades in one motion – without leaving any dangling loose cords. The EasyRise™ cord loop returns back to the headrail, creating an endless cord that can easily be pulled in either direction to raise and lower your shades as necessary. 


SoftTouch Motorization

SoftTouch™ Motorization from Hunter Douglas uses battery power to operate window treatments without requiring more complicated technology installation. You can adjust SoftTouch™ shades with a wand; simply pull down on the wand to lower your child’s bedroom shades and push up on the wand to raise them. No cords are necessary for these shades, making them ideal and safe choices for your kids’ bedrooms. 


PowerView® Motorization
Hunter Douglas offers a wide variety of window fashions with motorized options that eliminate lift cords and provide the ultimate convenience. Better yet, your child’s safety is enhanced without the presence of dangling cords in their bedroom or playroom. It’s easy to control your motorized window fashions by remote, wireless wall switch or even with a tap on your Apple or Android mobile device.  Want to learn more? Check this blog post out!


Custom Shutter Collection
All Hunter Douglas shutters are cordless by design, eliminating potential safety hazards posed by operating cords. They add extraordinary beauty to any room and are especially well suited to homes with young children.


Additional Safety Options for Your Child’s Window Treatments

The below list outlines solutions offered by Hunter Douglas to minimize potential hazards with window treatments that utilize cords:


A retractable pull-cord enhances safety in this patented Hunter Douglas system. Whether the shade is raised or lowered, the cord maintains a constant length and is less accessible.


Combination Wand/Cord

This combination function integrates both tilt and traverse functions into one easy-to-use control that keeps the cord taut.


Cord Tensioner

A cord tensioner is designed with spring tension and bracket. When properly installed, it holds looped cords taut to reduce the risk of an inquisitive child becoming entangled.


Cord Cleat
Designed for standard cord lock products, a cord cleat allows excess cord to be tightly wrapped around it for both enhanced safety and a neater appearance at the window.


They say it “takes a village” when raising kids, so we want to help out and make your home as safe as possible. Our dedicated staff can provide you with more information on Hunter Douglas products including more in-depth details on child safe blinds and other window treatments for your kids’ bedrooms.  Also, when you visit an Avalon Flooring Showroom you can see the products and operating systems first hand.

For a complete product safety reference guide from Hunter Douglas, click here.

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