Understanding a Commercial Flooring Project Quote

As with any project, it easy to fixate on saving money and skimping on material costs when possible to avoid an over-stretched budget. However, it is important to note that sometimes selecting lower quality or alternative flooring options may not be the best long term investment for your space and as a reminder – the material cost is only a portion of the total quote or proposal you will receive. We are going to break down some additional items you might encounter when reviewing quotes for your commercial project.

Material Cost

Probably the easiest component of the quote is the cost associated with the flooring material you have selected. It’s the price for the carpet, tile, vinyl, etc. Be sure to discuss budgets up front when asking for a quote as this will help the team find options that make the most sense for you

Floor Preparation Materials

A great installation is only as good as the subfloor it goes over. This means there will most likely be work that has to be done on the subfloor to make sure that the new materials you chose are able to perform at their best. Sometimes these types of materials are often mentioned by name as skim coats or patching compounds and the goal of these products is to create a level, smooth surface or to encapsulate old adhesives on the subfloor.

Floor Preparation Labor

This includes everything required to prepare the space to be ready for its new floor covering. This could mean removing old flooring (and disposing of it) and actually performing the tasks we noted above in regards to removing old adhesive or leveling the floor so its optimal for the new products selected.

Installation Materials

Some of the most common installation materials are adhesive & underlayment. These materials work with the flooring you selected to create a structurally sound and safe installation that you can enjoy for years to come.

Installation Labor

Finally, the actual cost associated with the skilled installers who will set the final flooring materials making your vision a reality. Sometimes you will see it associated with the time it takes to install a particular material (hourly) or a full price that considers the total square footage that will be covered.

Moisture Mitigation

Moisture can be a scary thing when you are thinking of floor covering in your commercial space (or home for that matter). Moisture can contribute to flooring failures and have become more common as companies look for ways to skimp on costs on major projects like renovating a commercial space. Moisture mitigation is being included more often then not in project quotes and can vary based on the current subfloor and the materials that will be used in the space.

As you can see, a wide range of factors go into preparing a commercial job quote. As a business owner or someone in charge of a commercial renovation project you will want to familiarize yourself with all the options and make sure that you identify the appropriate areas to reduce costs, if necessary, without compromising quality or putting your space and project at risk. We can’t stress this enough – when you partner with a team, like Avalon Flooring, who understands the complexities of commercial flooring you can rest easy about the process and get back to running your business.

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