Commercial Flooring for All Weather Conditions

If you own a business with any type of flooring this blog is for you. If you live in a part of the world where the weather is constant sunshine and a cool 70 degree- 1. we’re jealous and 2. this probably isn’t the blog for you. The reality is most of us own businesses in locations where we either deal with extreme heat, cold, or both. When we invest in flooring for our commercial spaces, weather is something that is often overlooked but extremely important in the commercial flooring world. Weather can prohibit you from using certain materials depending on frequent weather conditions and can dramatically change how you will need to maintain the floors. Needless to say, weather and commercial flooring can be confusing but we are here to break things down for you!

Hot & Dry Weather Flooring Choices 

Everyone loves warm dry weather including your floors! Almost any type of flooring works well in dry hot climates. Dry weather climates are great for vinyl, tile, carpet tiles, actual tile, and of course hardwood. Hot weather has the joy of limitless possibilities when it comes to flooring!

Brown Commercial Floor Tile on Restaurant Floor
Commercial Floor Tile
Commercial Broadloom Carpet on Office Floor
Commercial Broadloom Carpet
Commercial Modular Carpet Tiles on Library Floor
Commercial Modular Carpet Tiles

One thing to keep in mind with dry weather climates is how much sun your floors are exposed to as hardwood and some vinyl will fade if exposed to too much sun.

Commercial Hardwood Floor with Chair
Commercial Hardwood

A quick hack for this problem is investing in proper window treatments to protect your floors from harmful UV rays and keep them looking as beautiful as possible over the years.

Hunter Douglas Commercial Silhouette Window Shadings in Office Room
Commercial Silhouette® Window Shadings

Cold Weather Flooring Choices 

When it comes to cold weather climates, laminates and vinyl work best for commercial spaces. Both of these commercial flooring options are not vulnerable to expanding or contracting in extreme temperatures that often plague the U.S.

Commercial Vinyl Flooring in Kitchen Floor
Commercial Vinyl

Tile is the universal flooring option as it works well for both cold and hot weather conditions.

Gray Commercial Floor Tile on Office Floor
Commercial Floor Tile

Carpeting is the most cost-effective flooring choice for cold weather conditions. Carpet tiles & broadloom carpets help insulate a space with their warm carpet fibers and they are extremely cozy. The benefit to carpet tiles in particular is that their maintenance is also a lot easier than some other flooring options. If a carpet tile gets damaged because of weather or any other outside force, it’s easy to cut out the damaged carpet tile without completely removing the entire floor!

Commercial Broadloom Carpet on Retail Space Floor
Commercial Broadloom Carpet

If you live in an area of the word where it gets cold then we suggest being cautious with hardwood as the extreme weather conditions can actually expand and contract your floor. Hardwood is a good option for those who live in more dry climate friendly areas with less moisture. 

Brown Commercial Hardwood on Restaurant Floor
Commercial Hardwood

Wet & Humid Weather Flooring Choices 

When it comes to wet and humid weather conditions both hot and cold we suggest going with a waterproof  vinyl or a tile. Not only are these flooring options easier to clean up as wet weather usually means mud but they are extremely durable to water damage. Choices like carpet and hardwood will only get damaged in wet or humid weather conditions so it’s best to go with more waterproof options.

Commercial Floor Tile on Clothing Store Floor
Commercial Floor Tile
Gray Commercial Floor Tile on Retail Space Floor
Commercial Floor Tile