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Get the Look of Hardwood with Faux Wood Flooring

Traditional hardwood flooring is a classic look, but it does have its drawbacks. Hardwood floors can be particularly susceptible to damage, both from spills and from scratches. As a result, wood flooring has limitations in terms of where it can be used. Notably, hardwood floors are not a great fit for moisture-prone areas like bathrooms, kitchens, or basements – unless they are specifically designated as waterproof hardwood flooring. Different humidity levels can also cause hardwood floors to swell or shrink. 

Luckily, several faux wood flooring options are available to help create that desired hardwood flooring look in your home at a lower cost and with greater durability. Read on to learn about different types of flooring materials that can give you a realistic wood-look.

Faux Wood Flooring with Vinyl

Faux wood vinyl flooring is available in a plank format that looks just like real hardwood. The vinyl planks are created with a photographic layer that can mimic any type of hardwood from rich mahogany to pale oak. For an even more genuine take, wood-look vinyl planks are available in a variety of textures like hand-scraped and knotted. Your guests won’t even know they are standing on faux wood flooring!

Palo Duro Christina 9" Vinyl Plank on Living Room Floor
Christina 9″ Vinyl Plank in Palo Duro

Vinyl plank flooring is a durable and low-maintenance flooring option that stands up well to the wear and tear of everyday life. The top layer of faux wood vinyl planks protect them from scratches and dents, making them a great choice for an active home with kids and pets. Faux wood vinyl flooring is also easy to clean, and most vinyl plank flooring is waterproof, so it can be placed in high-traffic areas like the kitchen and bathroom without a problem. Explore the faux wood vinyl flooring options at Avalon Flooring. 

Daytona Oak COREtec Plus Enhanced Vinyl Plank on Living Room Floor
COREtec Plus Enhanced Vinyl Plank in Daytona Oak

Faux Wood Flooring with Laminate

Wood-look laminate is another more economical option for faux wood flooring. With modern advances in laminate design, even a practiced eye may have difficulty telling the difference between wood-look laminate and real hardwood flooring. Laminate includes a design layer between core materials and a clear protective wear layer, creating a faux wood flooring option that is both durable and realistic. The top layer of laminate flooring also helps prevent the color and design from fading over time.

Vulcan Guardian 7.5" Waterproof Laminate on Kitchen Floor
Guardian 7.5″ Waterproof Laminate in Vulcan

Faux wood laminate flooring is available in both waterproof and water-resistant designs, each of which are incredibly easy to clean. Their spill-resistant design makes faux wood laminate floors a great choice for achieving a sophisticated hardwood floor look in kitchens, bathrooms, or even your children’s playroom. Explore the faux wood laminate flooring options at Avalon Flooring.

Barcelona Trendsetter 7.48" Water Resistant Laminate on Dining Room Floor
Trendsetter 7.48″ Water Resistant Laminate in Barcelona

Faux Wood Flooring with Tile

Faux wood tile flooring can also add the sophistication and prestige of hardwood at a lower cost. Not only are wood look tiles less expensive to install initially, they are also much more affordable to maintain.  A simple vacuum and mop will keep your faux wood tile floors looking brand new. And because faux wood tile flooring is water-resistant, it can be installed pretty much anywhere in your home without worrying about damage from water or moisture.

Gray Coastal Wood 6x33 Wood Plank Tile on Kitchen Floor
Coastal Wood 6×33 Wood Plank Tile in Gray

Wood look tiles also offer another great advantage over hardwood floors – the opportunity for radiant heating. Radiant heating underneath your faux wood tile floors combines the best of aesthetics and comfort, creating a cozy living space for your family. Explore the faux wood tile flooring options at Avalon Flooring.

Silver Time Design 4x36 Wood Plank Tile on Bathroom Floor and Wall
Time Design 4×36 Wood Plank Tile in Silver

Ready to pick out new faux wood flooring for your home? Visit an Avalon Flooring showroom to get started!