Five Flooring Myths: You May Be Surprised!

Many things you may think you know about flooring may, in fact, be false!  We’re here to debunk some of the most common myths about flooring and give you the flooring facts, so you can make an informed decision about your next round of flooring.

MYTH #1: Engineered is inferior to solid wood”
The Flooring Facts: Actually, engineered wood is in many ways superior to solid wood. It is much better suited to basements, or anywhere that there is moisture.

New Haven 5″ Red Oak Engineered Hardwood in George

MYTH #2: “All engineered wood is the same”
The Flooring Facts: Unlike solid wood that changes mostly according to species, there is a huge range in engineered wood depending on the thickness of the top layer, so that’s why you’ll see a huge price variation. There are better-quality engineered woods with prices to match. Remember, you get what you pay for.

Birmingham Hickory 7 1/2″ Hardwood in Smithfield
Natrona 6 1/8″ Waterproof Laminate in Lander Oak

MYTH #3: “Laminate looks cheap”
The Flooring Facts: No more! Come in and take a look at all the new laminates: in so many cases you’ll have difficulty believing that they’re not real wood. Laminates are difficult to scratch or dent, and they tend to be quite long lasting! Also, the prices are sure to make you smile!

Natrona 6 1/8″ Waterproof Laminate in Lander Oak

MYTH #4: “Vinyl flooring is dead”
The Flooring Facts: Actually, vinyl is more alive than ever. The new vinyls are nothing like those your mom had. Today, it’s all about luxury vinyl that’s versatile, with every look you can imagine. Vinyl floors are particularly great for laundry rooms, kids’ playrooms, kitchens, and all high traffic areas. They don’t scratch easily, they’re super easy to clean, and they feel so nice to walk on!

Hydro Vinyl Waterproof Vinyl Plank in Niagara

MYTH #5: “Carpeting is bad for allergies
The Flooring Facts: Not always true! Some of the carpets made today are so advanced that they help trap allergens that are floating in the air, keeping your air cleaner. The carpets have anti-bacterial and anti-stain technologies that make them super easy to clean, and long lasting. So you can still have the plush feeling under your feet without the negatives of yesteryear.

Chase Pet Friendly Carpet in Briarwood

Keeping these flooring facts in mind as you shop for new flooring will help you make the best flooring decision!

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