Home Automation and the Smart Home Revolution

In 1962 the “Jetsons” jet packed into America’s homes and gave us a little insight into what life would be like a century into the future with talking alarm clocks, flat screen tv’s, video phones and robotic vacuums. The idea of a smart or connected house might make you think of George Jetson and his futuristic abode, but what was once a draw for only the tech-savvy or the wealthy is becoming more common. And it has been predicted that with the rise of home automation, homes around the world are going to become “smarter” and more “connected” over the next five to ten years.

In fact, a lot of established organizations are launching new products to integrate into smart homes, including Hunter Douglas with their PowerView® Motorization; a revolutionary new system that automatically moves your shades throughout the day, so you don’t have to!

Home Automation Comes to Window Treatments

The PowerView® system from Hunter Douglas can be operated via the PowerView® App or via two different types of Pebble controls—a Pebble Remote Control or a Pebble Scene Controller.

  • The PowerView® Pebble Remote Control offers a modern alternative to a traditional remote control, allowing you to pre-set and easily operate up to six different groupings of window treatments with just a press of a button.
  • The PowerView® Pebble Scene Controller features an advanced display screen that lets you conveniently preview and select room scenes that you previously programmed using the PowerView® App.
  • Using the PowerView® App on your smartphone or tablet, you can create and schedule customized room Scenes that allow your shades to operate on their own throughout the day.

Whether you are just getting started or are a home automation enthusiast with many connected devices already in play, you can create a personalized whole-home connected experience by integrating PowerView® Motorization with compatible smart home systems. For a list of compatible systems, visit the Hunter Douglas Website.

It is important to note that each home automation control system has a unique path to integration. Specific steps must be followed in order to successfully launch and utilize the respective driver or plug-in that allows PowerView® to communicate with each system. To ensure optimal set-up and performance of your system, we suggest you consult with a home automation professional.

We encourage you to check out the benefits of the PowerView® Motorization system here and then view a quick video on how it all works – we promise you will be impressed!

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