How to Clean Tile Grout

Grout. Nothing about it sounds appealing – but the function that grout serves for your tile floors is undeniable. Grout is used to lock your tiles tight, keep water out, and provide a finished look to your new tiled surface. It is, however, a porous (and pain in the butt) substance that easily absorbs dirt, dust and grease and harbors bacteria and microorganisms. And because of all its really great porous properties – grout is prone to staining, soiling, and mold growth. The good news is, there are easy ways to keep your tile grout looking as clean as it did the day the floor was installed!


The Best Way to Keep Tile Grout Clean

Did you know that sealing the grout will help protect it from all these unsightly things? In fact, sealing your grout upon installation is one of the best ways to keep your whole floor clean. Make sure you talk with your contractor about a sealer that is recommended for your particular tile application. And, keep in mind, you will have to re-seal the application in a few years and should consider this basic maintenance for the overall health of your tile floor. 


Tips for Cleaning Tile Grout

While sealing your tile grout will protect it from absorbing stains and bacteria, there is still plenty of dirt that can sit on top of your grout and make it look dingy. But don’t worry – with a few simple steps, you can get your tile grout looking good as new! You just need to make sure to check with your tile manufacturer to find the right cleaning product that is approved for your particular type of tile and grout.

Here is the best way to clean grout:

  • Apply hot water to remove any surface dirt and grime before you spray on your (approved) cleaning solution
  • Let the cleaning solution sit on the surface for about 5 or more minutes (depending on the level of grime)
  • Once you feel that the cleaning solution has had time to work its magic, you can start cleaning the grout with a soft brush (like a toothbrush) – it is important to note that you should never use a metal brush or anything harsh as it will scratch the tile and potentially break the grout
  • Rinse with hot water and enjoy the sparkle!

Remember, knowing how to clean dirty grout improves the look and extends the life of your tile. It’s a win-win!


Finding the Best Cleaning Solution for Your Tile Floor Grout

As we mentioned before, it is important to check with the manufacturer of your tile or your local retailer on the best products for the job. At Avalon, we carry Miracle Heavy Duty Cleaner and OceanCare Products which are known for their ease of use, environmental friendliness and overall effectiveness. OceanCare offers a variety of solutions for any job – check it out below:

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