How to Keep Carpet Clean with Pets

Pets are a wonderful addition to your home and family – but they’re not always compatible with your living room carpet. If you’re looking for the best ways to keep your carpet clean and free from pet odor, check out our guide.


Keeping the Carpet Clean Starts with Your Pet

A clean carpet starts with clean pets. Make sure you keep your pet well-groomed, whether that’s through baths at home or a pet grooming service. This will help minimize overall shedding as well as unpleasant odors – plus it’s good for your pet! For dogs and outdoor cats, try to wipe their paws off as often as possible when they come inside from the yard. This practice will help spare your carpet not only from obvious messes like mud and grass, but it also helps to eliminate potential allergens being brought into the home and onto your carpet.


Tips for Cleaning Your Carpet When You Have Pets

Vacuuming your carpet regularly is the best way to stay on top of all the dog and cat hair. It also helps minimize the buildup of dirt from your pets’ paws. Today, there are specific vacuum cleaners and attachments to help capture your pets’ hair without breaking the machine.

To complement regular cleaning, shake baking soda onto your carpet before you begin to vacuum. The baking soda helps absorb the odors your pet brings to the room, keeping your carpet smelling fresh and clean. It’s also good to have a pet stain remover on hand, just in case your pet has any accidents – this is especially important for young puppies or kittens!

Don’t forget to keep your furniture clean, too – if your dog is allowed to nap on the couch or your cat jumps up on your armchair, hair and dander can build up there and eventually fall onto the floor. Dust or vacuum your furniture regularly to minimize pet hair on making its way to your carpet.

Of course, before jumping into any of these cleaning tips, make sure to follow your carpet manufacturer’s recommendations for both spot cleaning and long-term care. Sticking to their instructions will help make sure you don’t void your carpet’s warranty.


Invest in Pet Friendly Carpet

You love your pets, but you also want to keep your carpet clean and fresh. Lucky for you, there are many pet-friendly carpet options available today to help. Cat- and dog-friendly carpet are both stain-resistant and easy to clean, making them excellent flooring choices for homes with pets. Pet-friendly carpets have a signature design that is both stain- and hair-resistant. Check out some of our pet-friendly carpet options to find the perfect carpet for the humans and animals in your home.


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