Marble Tile: Pros and Cons

Marble tile has an everlasting appeal. It’s at the top of natural stone flooring materials in the market, but like any material, there are advantages as well as disadvantages to keep in mind.

Pros of Marble Tile

Appearance: Marble floor tiles elevate any space’s décor style. You can mix different colors and come up with a brilliant color scheme and design of your floor or walls. Some of the famous marble colors in floor tiles are: Crema Marfil, Calcatta Borghini, Carrara Venatino, Brescia Sinai, Botticino, Makrana.

Famous Marble Color Floor Tiles Graphic

Distinctive and Unique: Since marble is a natural stone, each tile is unlike any other which makes every tile a unique piece that has its veins growing without any consistent pattern.

Eco-friendly: Natural stones like marble don’t require any kind of chemical processing and they prove to be environmentally-friendly as compared to synthetic floor materials which lead to emission of harmful gases and toxic wastes.

Shine: Marble floor tiles can take high doses of polish while other natural stone tiles can get ruined. You can add as much polish as you desire and the floor will sparkle with glamorous elegance. The shimmering and silky effect of marble floors makes them stand out even in empty hallways.

Density: Marble is a high-density stone, therefore making it an appropriate choice for flooring for areas with lots of traffic or continuous use.

Cons of Choosing Marble Tile

Prone to Scratching: Marble floor tiles are easily damaged if not properly maintained. They can be damaged from scratches. Even scraping and chipping can ruin the surface very badly. These damages are more noticeable if polish is applied. The only remedy for these damages is replacement of the faulty tiles.

Softness: Marble, like any other stone, is both hard and soft. Even its solid crystalline structure can get dented or smashed after a while, therefore it’s necessary that you get your marble tiles sealed right after their installation. A sealant not only helps in minimizing damage caused by heavy furniture or foot traffic, but also helps in preserving the marble’s polish and refined appearance.

Slippage Hazard: Marble floors are extremely slippery when polished which can cause severe accidents. The hard surface of these floors can even break bones if not careful. Marble should not be installed near pool decks or other areas that can get wet to avoid slippage.

Professional Installation: Marble floor tiles are prone to all kinds of damages like cracks, chips and breakages. It’s recommended that stone professionals, like our Avalon installers, should be hired for the installation.

Expensive: Even though marble floors are the best natural stone floors and most popular with homeowners, it’s also quite expensive. Their per tile cost, installation charges and maintenance costs are higher than any of the other natural stones used in home design. However, it’s worth the investment since they add both elegance and value to your home!

Now that you know all of the pros and cons of marble tile, you’re more prepared to make an accurate decision of whether this classic, elegant material is the right material for your space.

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