Do You Need a Rug Pad?

The answer to this question is always YES!

Choosing a rug is an important decision. Style, shape, size, color and texture really make the room complete. But in the Hollywood of home design, while the rug may be the glamorous celebrity, the rug pad is the assistant who is usually invisible but completely essential.  If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a rug pad is simply a liner placed directly underneath your area rug, creating a layer in between the rug and the floor that provides a number of benefits.

Why You Always Need an Area Rug Pad

For most, the rug pad is an afterthought but we are here to tell you that it’s actually an important side-kick to your new area rug. Here are a few reasons why you need a rug pad:

    No matter where the rug is placed (on carpet or hardwood or etc), a pad keeps the rug in place and helps to prevent slips
    An area rug pad extends the life of your rug by preventing the fibers from being crushed,  acting as a buffer between the hard surface below and the rug above
    A rug pad prevents dye transfer, staining, and scratching to the surface beneath the area rug.
    Who doesn’t want a little extra comfort? Rug pads add cushiony softness underfoot

It is important to note that different types of rug pads are made specifically for the type of flooring underneath – for example, if you have carpeting, make sure you purchase a rug pad made specifically for carpeting; don’t use a pad intended for carpet on a hardwood floor – they are not made the same and will not give the comfort and protection your floor needs.

Don’t let your celebrity (rug) miss a shot at the Oscars by not giving it the right support and cast – Every great rug deserves a great rug pad!

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