New Smart Blinds and Window Treatments

Smart blinds, electric blinds, and automatic blinds are all window treatments that have joined the ever-growing world of technology. And we couldn’t be happier!

Hunter Douglas has given us the gift of automatic window blinds and treatments called PowerView® Motorization. These high-tech electric blinds and shades actually anticipate your needs by automatically adjusting to create the perfect ambiance at every point of the day. And because we are a society of “convenience comes first,” you can control your window treatments with two kinds of Pebble controls or through your smartphone. Let’s take a closer look:

Electric Blinds with a Remote Control

Pebble Remote Control: These remote control electric blinds allow you to preset and operates up to six different groups of window treatments (either individually or together) with just a push of a button. And they also come in seven stylish colors because who doesn’t love to accessorize with home décor!

Hunter Douglas PowerView Pebble Remote
Photo courtesy of Hunter Douglas

PowerView® Scene Controller: This controller has a display screen that lets you actually preview and select different combinations of shade positions that you’ve previously created and used through the PowerView® App.

Hunter Douglas PowerView Pebble Scene Controller
Photo courtesy of Hunter Douglas

You can also just mount either of these controllers using the PowerView® Surface.

Hunter Douglas Powerview Surface
Photo courtesy of Hunter Douglas

Electric Blinds Controlled with an App

The PowerView® App & Hub: These go hand in hand. The PowerView® App lets you create and schedule your customized room scenes that allow your window coverings to operate automatically throughout the day. And now with its new updates, you can activate your smart blinds from anywhere in the world with the Remote Connect feature and synchronize with other smart home devices.

The PowerView® Hub is the tool that allows you to control all your window treatments from your newly synchronized smart devices. And now with the newly updated Hub, Hub (Gen 2), you can incorporate your PowerView® treatments with your home operating systems, like Amazon Echo & Alexa, Apple Home and more so you can have one fluid home experience!

Hunter Douglas PowerView App and Hub
Photo courtesy of Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas also uses software called IFTTT, which stands for “if this, then that,” in its smart blinds. With IFTTT, you’re able to create connections between many different applications (called channels) like Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Gmail, and more that allow you to control your room scenes from literally anywhere. For example, you can send an email message that contains a hashtag trigger to activate any of your PowerView® scenes. It doesn’t get much handier than that!

Smart Blinds are a Breeze to Install

Another great feature is that most PowerView® automatic window treatments are battery powered. This makes them incredibly easy to install, operate and maintain. The battery pack is conveniently hidden behind the head rail so there’s nothing that will damage your fabulous shades or blinds. And now the app can notify you when the battery power is low!

Along with the advantage of battery-powered operation, PowerView® is completely cordless, creating a safer environment for young children and pets and giving you peace of mind.

Hunter Douglas Cordless window treatments
Photo courtesy of Hunter Douglas

Visit Our Store to Browse our Selection of Smart Blinds

Now the fun part begins. Stop into one of our locations, choose what window treatment you would like, and see the PowerView® Motorization in action! And once your electric shade or blind installation is complete, just set up your schedule, sit back and let your window treatments do all the work. There’s nothing like the comfort of a smart home!

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