Preparing for Commercial Renovation & Remodeling Projects

Preparing for any renovation project can be confusing but preparing for a commercial project is a whole other beast. There are many things to consider and prepare for before a single piece of your commercial space can be renovated.  Not adequately preparing for a commercial project can be pricey and aggravating but have no fear we are here to help! Follow our tips and tricks on preparing for a commercial project renovation to have a smooth and seamless remodel. 

Commercial Project Basics 

While there are some consistencies between preparing for residential & commercial renovations, project timelines tend to be more constrained with commercial flooring. A beach hotel wants to renovate in the winter to be ready for the summer.  A school has to be renovated during the summer to be ready for a school year. Offices and retail spaces often want quick turnovers so the space can be utilized as early as possible. The list of commercial projects with time constraints goes on and on. To understand our Commercial timeline check out our blog.

With that said, there are some considerations that help get a new project started and will make things run a bit smoother. Before coming to the table with your next commercial project, have an idea for your desired timeframe for completion, your budget and your overall goal for the design so we can jump in and show you a more curated array of products that specifically meet your needs. If you aren’t sure where to start or what your vision is for your commercial space that’s okay too! Our team of Commercial Sales Associates can guide you through the process and give suggestions on design. If you need more help on the design aspect of your renovation, we suggest coming in earlier to review our comprehensive library of options. Knowing your budget is also vital for product selection.

How to Prepare for a Remodel

Once you pick out all your products and schedule an install date all you have to do is wait for the installer to come and you are all set to go, right? We wish preparing for a commercial project could be that easy. 

There are a few things that are vital to keep in mind for install day:

Prior to installation, make sure all spaces have had the majority of items cleared out. Large pieces of furniture could be left for the installer depending on previous conversations. Does your project have old materials that need to be ripped up or discarded? If that is the case, it is important to make sure the dumpster arrives for day 1 of installation. Typically this is discussed prior to contracts being signed and either Avalon Flooring can supply and will make arrangements or the client arranges it to be delivered from their contracted waste management company. 

Some larger projects may impact teams or residents depending on the job type could require more communication. If projects require subfloor prep, areas of the floor may not be usable for periods of time. Avalon works with commercial customers to determine the best plan of action to relay expectations. For some clients, night work or weekends are the best options to minimize traffic and impact on the business. If so, you are responsible to make arrangements for the installers to get onsite and review the project with them on day 1. 

The question of what product you chose comes into play when it comes to preparing for your installation. Tile install can cause a lot of dust and require bigger cleanup. When installing carpet keep in mind carpet fibers. Your space will have a new floor smell. There is also the question of sound and neighbors, so preparing employees’ & residents’ expectations prior to installation will save you a major headache later!  

Commercial projects may seem overwhelming but proper preparation and a realistic understanding of the timeline will ensure a smooth stress-free projects!