Tiled Shower Accessories

So, you have your bathroom renovation planned. The tile is picked out, the new vanity is ordered, and paint color has been selected. But what about accessories for your tiled shower? That’s right, there are pieces to add to your shower and we’re here to break each one down and also let you know the kind we carry here!


There are multiple types of shower drain these days. There’s the standard drain that we’re used to seeing in the common shapes of circles and squares, but now you can also buy linear drains. Linear drains are an elongated rectangular shape that tend to really capture the water flow. They can also be installed along the wall of your shower, not just the floor. Each of these drains are a great choice, it all just depends on what you style you prefer!

shower drains
Schluter and Wedi drains available at Avalon Flooring, photos courtesy of Schluter and Wedi


A shower niche is now a common part of tiled shower or even bath renovations. They’re simply a nice storage space in the wall of your shower or bath to put your soap, shampoo bottles, etc. They’re permanent recessed shelves (aka niches) in the tile wall that are finished in a special way to make them waterproof.

shower niches
Schluter and Wedi niches available at Avalon Flooring, photos courtesy of Schluter and W

Seats and Benches

shower seats and benches
Schluter and Wedi seats and benches available at Avalon Flooring, photos courtesy of Schluter and Wedi

Whether you have limited mobility or simply want to add comfort and relaxation during your shower, a shower seat or bench will do the trick!  The use of a seat or bench transforms your shower into your own personal sauna. And to achieve that same spa-like feeling, while also saving space, a corner seat would be both comfortable and convenient!

Floor Heating

Stepping on a heated floor makes all the difference. Floor heating takes away the chill from your floors and easily brings warmth and comfort to your space. It adds a little touch of luxury that helps you relax and enjoy your new cozy environment in any room you chose to have it—especially your bathroom AND shower!

What we recommend is the Nuheat Floor Heating Systems. NuHeat combines this great feeling of warmth and comfort with energy-efficient heating technology and thermostats—which help make sure you get the best temperature out of our heating system.

flooring heating
Nuheat Flooring Heating System available at Avalon Flooring, photos courtesy of Nuheat

Thresholds and Sills

Shower thresholds and sills are as important of a part of your bathroom as the shower stalls or shower fittings. It prevents water from spilling from your shower onto the surrounding space, thus helping prevent any damage to your floor. And shower sills, like window sills are sloped properly into the shower, and help protect your surrounding floor just like thresholds.

shower threshold
Shower threshold seen at bottom of shower, and available at Avalon Flooring.
Photo is finished project by one of our Avalon Design Experts

Shower Accessories for Organization

In your shower, there’s plenty of stuff you need (besides your relaxing seat or bench) like a washcloth, soap, shaving supplies, shampoo, etc. So, you need the right amount of storage to help organize those items—more than just your nice niches. We carry TileWare accessories that are perfect for any shower. Now let’s break down the possibilities of shower accessories to choose from:


shower soap baskets
Photo courtesy of Tile Ware

This brand of baskets are designed to fit many different décor styles. With these options, you’re able to organize your soaps, scrubbers, products in containers as small as 1 oz. up to as big as 32oz. They’re great in either the corner or wall of your shower. No matter what finish you choose, they won’t rust, they’re easy to clean and they’re even hygienic!


shower hooks
Photos courtesy of Tile Ware

Hooks for your shower are another great organizational accessory. They can hang things like your scrub brush, loofah, squeegee, washcloth, etc. And again, no matter what finish you choose, they won’t rust, they’re easy to clean and they’re hygienic!

Towel Bars

towel bars
Photo courtesy of Tile Ware

Towel bars in the bath or shower space are both efficient and versatile. If your personal cleaning agenda includes organizing your washcloths, shower mats, bath mats or rugs, towel bars are a great shower accessory solution!

Grab Bars

shower grab bars
Photo courtesy of Tile Ware

Sleek styling with extraordinary strength defines the ADA grab bars. Whether you’re planning for the future, or need the assistance very soon, the grab bars will function without making your shower look like it’s part of a hospital.

Well now that we’ve broken down all the useful accessories for your tiled shower, it’s time to choose which ones would be the best for you—and stop in one of our locations to start your renovation process!

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Our design consultants are equipped with the knowledge to guide you through the wide selection of products we offer, and our expert installation team is professionally trained to make sure everything gets installed the way you envision. We know your home is an expression of your sense of style, and we’re here to make sure you’ll be proud of it for years to come.

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