Tips to Extend the Life of Your Area Rug

You just bought a brand new area rug and your room finally feels complete. But how do you keep it looking this good for years to come? We’re sharing a few important guidelines on how to clean your area rug – and maintain it – to ensure your beautiful rug will last a long time!

How to Clean an Area Rug for Long-Term Use

To extend the life of your rug, vacuuming frequently is a must. Everyday dirt and dust can settle into the rug fibers—especially in a high traffic area. Although while today’s powerful vacuums will easily remove that dirt and dust, they can just as easily loosen or tear the rug fibers as well.

Therefore, to preserve your area rug, use vacuum attachments, which are gentler—especially around the binding or serging at the outer edges. Also, try a carpet sweeper, which is manual and very gentle. Do keep in mind though that for the first few months after you set down a new rug, some shedding is normal—so don’t panic!

  • Take Care of Spills Right Away

A carpet or rug fiber acts as a wick and will quickly pull up spills up to the top of the pile. And if the spill has some time to dry, it can become a permanent stain. So while the exact cleaning process may vary depending on the type of rug and source of the stain, this method for cleaning area rugs is generally safe and effective:

-BLOT the stain—NEVER rub it in

-Use a dry cloth to blot on both sides

-Spray or dab it with water

-Repeat this process until the stain fades

It’s also good to get your rugs professionally cleaned once every one to two years.

  • Rotate Your Area Rug

Once a year, turn your rug 180 degrees. This will help prevent certain spots from fading or wearing in more areas than one.

  • Always Use a Rug Pad

A rug pad extends the life of our rug by acting as a buffer between the hard surface and rug to help prevent the fibers from being crushed. The rug wear will also be minimized because the pad acts as a cushion. And of course, it will keep the rug from slipping on a hard surface.

So there you have it. If you follow these simple and easy area rug tips—your rug will keep looking fresh and beautiful just like the day you bought it!

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