Window Shutters: Your New Favorite Window Treatments

Summer is upon us and so is the season of home renovations. One area that is often overlooked is window treatments, when they’re actually one of the most important parts of the home. And while there are so many options to choose from, one of the best to invest in is window shutters. Whether you’re more interested in external window shutters or interior shutter design, with their chic style and great advantages window shutters can be a lovely addition to your home.

  • UV Protection: Window shutters protect furniture, flooring and artwork from fading with 99% protection from harmful UV rays when the slats are closed.
  • Privacy and Light Control: Window shutters allow you to easily choose between privacy and visibility. When closed, you can still adjust the rod to allow varying amounts of sunlight to enter between the slats.
  • Low Maintenance: When compared to other window treatments, shutters require very little maintenance. An occasional wipe down will keep them clean. Dust does not collect on shutters like it does with fabric curtains and blinds.

Not only are window shutters one of the best and more popular choices today, they have a rich history that’s centuries old.

It’s believed that shutters were first introduced in ancient Greece. They helped provide light control, ventilation and protection in the harsh tropical environment. Instead of wood like we see today, these house shutters were made with fixed louvres, or slats, out of marble. Then when this style spread to the Mediterranean, wood was used as a more suitable option. Louvres then became functional and movable to allow light and air flow in rooms. Window shutters were also used in Medieval Europe, however they were made out of iron for protection and security reasons. Then the Spanish brought the style with them as they started colonizing in the Americas. They became a popular choice for large mansions in the Southern states, giving them the widely know name “plantation shutters.”

So when you find yourself in the process of changing up the look of your space, don’t forget to show your windows some love and give shutters a try.

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