Real Wood Isn’t Your Only Option for Flooring That Looks Like Wood

There are so many products available today that can give you the great look of a hardwood floor without actually using real wood. These new wood floor alternatives make it possible to get that look you want in places where real wood is not ideal.

Hardwood floor alternatives include…

Laminate Flooring That Looks Like Wood

The look of wood—for much less!

Natrona 6 1/8″ Waterproof Laminate in Lander Oak

Don’t be too quick to dismiss laminate flooring, because the laminate today is nothing like the laminate you remember from even just a few years back. There are laminates today that you could easily mistake for wood. Easy to install via the click method, they are a great alternative to hardwood. They’re priced really well, look great, and are super durable. They don’t scratch or dent and are very easy to clean. Check them out—you will really be surprised at all the new options for laminate flooring that looks like wood.

Wood Plank Porcelain Tile

Today you can hardly tell the difference.

Legend 8×48 Wood Plank Tile in Sand

Today porcelain is being made to look so much like natural materials (wood or stone) it’s becoming really hard to tell the difference. Wood plank porcelain looks just like real wood flooring, but provides the extreme durability and easy maintenance of porcelain. And, it’s available in all shades and varieties of wood, with all the details and textures of wood. The finishes are quite remarkable! Come in and see—we’ll challenge you to see if you can tell the difference.

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