2022 Top Hardwood Flooring Trends | Wood Floor Trends 2022

Hardwood flooring is as timeless as they come. This iconic flooring trend has reigned supreme from the very beginning of interior design but it has seen a few modifications of trends within the hardwood flooring world. Hardwood flooring may be timeless but the trends that shape them come and go, which is why we are constantly updating our hardwood trend list. Here are our 2022 hardwood flooring trends that have caught our eyes.

Wide Planks 

Any plank wider than 7” is considered to be wide plank hardwood. This trend has gained popularity as we see a push for a more natural streamlined look in home design. Wide plank hardwood causes fewer seams in your floors which creates a more clean and cohesive look for your home. Wide plank flooring fits into any room of your house, big or small. The simplicity in wide plank hardwood is unparalleled and creates a subtle but impactful statement in your home. 

wide plank blond hardwood
Denali 7 1/2″ White Oak Hardwood in Hunter

Matte & Low Sheen 

For years glossy hardwood floors have graced the pages of our Pinterest board but gloss is out for 2022 as we continue to embrace the beauty of simplicity. Matte and low sheen hardwood flooring have been popping up everywhere this year and we are here for it! The natural look that these floors bring is making homeowners and interior designers flock to these floors. 

low sheen light hardwood
Acadia 3 1/4″ Hickory Hardwood in Silverpointe

Rustic & Handscraped 

It’s official, the aesthetic for 2022 is a push for the natural, simple and imperfect. Rustic and hand-scraped floors have gained popularity as homeowners are choosing to design with pieces that have more of a personality and character. 

hands scraped flooring
Canyon Creek Birch 6.5″ Hardwood in Armadillo

Back to the Local

As shipping delays and the rising cost of products continue to rocket the flooring industry this year it’s no surprise that there is an influx of interest in more locally grown wood. Hardwood species like white oak, red maple, and American beech are gaining popularity as American designers and homeowners look for products available now. Locally grown hardwood is not only cheaper as it has to travel a shorter amount of time, but it is also quite simply available as many foreign products are getting delayed. 

white oak hardwood for kitchens
Bowman 6 1/2″ White Oak Hardwood in Canvas
Biltmore 7 1/2″ White Oak Hardwood in Chambord


A fun new trend we are loving this year when it comes to hardwood is patterns! Homeowners are falling in love with their home’s uniqueness and imperfections in 2022 and hardwood patterns are as available as ever. Popular patterns like parquet, chevron, and herringbone are unique while still being versatile. For those who aren’t ready to make such a bold statement in their home just yet, many homeowners are also turning to mixed-width hardwood for a more subtle patterned look.

random width hardwood
Vintage Random Width American Walnut Hardwood in Prairie

Trending Hardwood Colors 

Hardwood colors are leaning more towards the natural this year, as gray stained hardwood continues to slowly fizzle out. Natural light to dark tones are reigning supreme.  Homeowners are also leaning more toward the warmer tone woods as the design world continues to embrace comfort and character in home design. 

Manchester 7 1/2″ White Oak Hardwood in Oxford
Dark hardwood floors for kitchens
New Haven 5″ Red Oak Hardwood in Wooster