5 Flooring Trends On Their Way Out

We always talk about trending designs and hot products at Avalon Flooring but we are going to change things up a little. Trending styles are fun to play around with in your home but there’s nothing quite as horrifying as finding out that the design that you curated and dreamed about is on its way out. While the most important thing to keep in mind when designing your home is your own personal style, everyone wants a stylish home. We have put together a list of styles & trends that are fading away so you don’t make the mistake of creating an out-of-date space. 

Gray is Out

Say goodbye to gray in 2022! For years shades of gray have dominated flooring design. The flooring color has been a staple of modern luxury in the past decade but like all good things, gray domination is coming to a slow but steady end. We have seen an influx of brighter & colorful design choices this year.

Dark hardwood floors
New Haven 5″ Red Oak Hardwood om Wooster

After spending over 2 years stuck at home, homeowners are looking less for gray and more for spaces individually tailored to them. We have seen darker reddish-brown hardwood flooring pop up more often & we have seen a move to softer greige and browns for more coastal areas.

light hardwood in dining room
Biltmore 7 1/2″ White Oak Hardwood in Vanderbilt

Porcelain is the new Ceramic 

A flooring company disowning ceramic tile? How can that be? Is it possible? Yes, but the answer is not that simple. Ceramic is still popular and we are still designing stunning wall tile  designs using this classic tile but for the floors, many of our customers are going for rectified porcelain. Rectified porcelain gives a cleaner seamless look than its ceramic counterpart, making it a no-brainer when it comes to flooring design. 

Marble look tile
Milan 24×48 Polished Porcelain Tile in Calacatta Oro

Carpet Durability Above All Else 

Before anyone grabs the pitchforks and starts rioting, we aren’t stating that ALL carpets are outdated. In fact, we aren’t stating carpets are on their way out at all, rather we are cautioning our customers to do their research before investing in carpeting. We often see homeowners fall in love with trending carpet styles but it’s important to keep in mind durability & personal needs when it comes to carpet. While trends come and go, stained and damaged floors will never be in style. Always keep in mind the durability of a carpet as it’s better to invest in a better quality carpet that will look just as beautiful in the years after it’s installed. 

Living Room carpet
Queensbury Villa Family Friendly Carpet in Delray

Farmhouse Style Tiles Say Bye

Another dominant trend we are seeing fizzle out is the farmhouse-inspired patterned tiles.  The floral mosaics & pastel designs are slowly losing steam. Before any homeowners with a Modern Farmhouse style starts demoing their kitchens and bathrooms, let’s delve more into why these patterned tiles are losing popularity.

There has been a big push for neutrality and “quiet” designs since the Pandemic. After spending so much time at home, homeowners are looking for a more harmonious space but perhaps more importantly they have started capitalizing on neutral design choices to have the ability to change up their space often. Farmhouse-style tiles tend to be more bold & dramatic, making the space harder to redesign. We still love this design style but the modern farmhouse style is slowly evolving to a more subtle Cottagecore look. 

stone look tile
Gemini 12×24 Rectified Porcelain Tile in Bronze

The end of Herringbone? 

Like farmhouse-style tiles, herringbone-patterned floors are slowly fizzling out after years of dominance. The reason these floors are losing popularity is very similar to why Farmhouse-style tiles are losing favor. It all comes down to neutrality & personal taste. Herringbone floors are still very popular but this unique look that many love is not everyone’s cup of tea. Herringbone floors are such a personal preference that many homeowners have found that the beautiful floors they love are actually making it harder for them to sell their homes. Many homeowners are preferring to go with a more traditional or less dramatic flooring design as they plan for their future. 

Dark hardwood flooring
Acadia 3 1/4″ Hickory Hardwood in Rye

Your Personal Style Will Always Dominate 

As long as you design with pieces you truly love and bring you joy, your style will always be timeless. Your home is your sanctuary and it’s important for it to be a reflection of your wants & needs, not just what’s trending in the design world.