Aristocrat Carpet Collection Designs | On-Trend Carpet

Carpet is one of the most underrated types of floors out there! It’s beyond cozy and today’s carpets are filled with so much artistry and quality. Our Aristocrat Carpet is a trendy carpet filled with so much craftsmanship. The matte, natural, and lustrous colors create stunning contrast and layers of texture! The dramatic diamond pattern is completely in tune with some of the hottest Cozy Carpet Trends currently on the market.

One of the key features that makes this collection stand out is the sheer amount of options one has when picking a color out. There are EIGHTEEN varying color shades in this collection and each one is more beautiful than the next. More options also mean there are more opportunities to craft a cohesive design look.

Modern & Moody 

The Aristocrat carpet collection has two colors that really stand out when designing a moody interior. Never before has designing with black been so popular. Designers everywhere are perfecting the modern moody interior which is why we love the Aristocrat carpet in Blackjack and Solstice. Blackjack is a true vivid deep black and contrasts nicely with lighter colors to strike a balance between dark and light.

Aristocrat On Trend Carpet in Blackjack

Solstice is a lighter black. The lighter black allows you to contrast with richer, deeper colors for the ultimate Modern Moody interior.

Aristocrat On Trend Carpet in Solstice

Maximalist Boho Interior

If minimalism isn’t for you, maximalism might be! Maximalist is defined as a “practice that is inspired by living out LOUD with bold patterns and colors!” The Aristocrat carpet in Cherry Blossom not only has a bold color but has a beautiful diamond-shaped design. The Rich reds in Cherry Blossom create a vibrant base for a Maximalist Boho design. Cherry Blossom paired with lighter colors in the same color palette creates an effortless put-together boho look. 

Aristocrat On Trend Carpet in Cherry Blossom

Scandinavian Interior style

The Aristocrat collection is filled with varying shades of beige. All these varying shades of beige means you can fully customize your Scandinavian design to a T. The lightest color has a fitting name, White Snow. White snow is the most obvious choice for creating a Scandinavian Room. 

Aristocrat On Trend Carpet in Ivory Cream

The darker shades of Beige Aristocrat carpet include Shady & Birchwood, which are great for curating a more Transitional Scandinavian design. The darker colors are more traditional but can be paired with Scandinavian decor to create a transitional environment.

Aristocrat On Trend Carpet in Birchwood

The varying beige shades in the middle like Daylily and Cashmere are all within the Scandinavian family and can subtly influence your room design. The Cashmere color has a deeper tone to it while the Daylily is brighter.

Aristocrat On Trend Carpet in Day Lily
Aristocrat On Trend Carpet in Cashmere

Industrial meets carpet 

Carpet is not the obvious floor choice when curating an Industrial style house but the Aristocrat collection changes all that! Heirloom Gray and Silver Polish both have a gray color palette famous in Industrial design. This is a cozy option not usually found in this design trend. The grey color scale combined with staples from Industrial design like brick walls, hanging decor lighting, and exposed metals create a cozy and unique Industrial space. 

Aristocrat On Trend Carpet in Heirloom Gray
Aristocrat On Trend Carpet in Silver Polish

Stair design 

The Aristocrat carpet collection can be made into a custom stair runner to give your stairs the pop it needs! The diamond patterns in this collection look stunning going vertically across stairs and adds a touch of luxury to any house.

Aristocrat On Trend Carpet in Early Snow