Best Carpet for Your Living Room

Wall-to-wall carpet is a classic choice for your living room floor, as it provides warmth and comfort in what arguably may be the most popular room in your home. Carpet is a great flooring option for families with pets or children, who may spend significantly more time on the floor than you do! 

When choosing the right carpet for your family room, there are several factors to consider, including durability, ease of cleaning, and style. We’ve put together this guide to help you determine the best carpet option for your living room.


Durable Carpet for Your Living Room

Between kids, pets, and guests, living rooms are often high-traffic areas. You’ll want to install a durable carpet to keep up with the natural wear and tear of the room. Luckily, today there are many durable carpet style options available that perfectly balance durability with plush comfort and style. “Family-friendly” and “pet-friendly” labels are a good indication that your new carpet will hold up against traffic and mess while still being comfortable to walk and play on.

Abbey’s Road Pet Friendly Carpet in Moonlit Silver

Family Room Carpet That’s Easy to Clean

There’s a high chance your family room is full of pet hair and kids’ messes! To make your life easier and have more time to actually enjoy your living room space, you’ll want to select a carpet option that is easy to keep clean. Get started by looking for those family-friendly and pet-friendly designations for your new carpet. There are several family- and pet-friendly carpet options on the market these days, making it easy to find a beautiful carpet option that matches your living room aesthetic without requiring professional cleaning every time you turn around.

Queensbury Villa Family-Friendly Carpet in Delray

Living Room Carpet Colors

Like other types of flooring, carpeting in the living room looks great in a neutral color. Having a neutral carpet color allows you to draw attention to a sofa or room decor with accent colors. With low-piled living room carpets, you can even add a bold area rug on top for a splash of color.

Rustique Vibe On-Trend Carpet in Purity


Luxurious Appeal Family-Friendly Carpet in Airway

Alternatively, you can make the carpet the focal point of the room by selecting a bolder color or patterned carpet.

Polished Structure On-Trend Carpet in Sterling


Insightful Way On-Trend Carpet in Iron Gate

For more assistance in finding the perfect carpet for your living or family room, visit an Avalon Flooring showroom today!