Cottagecore Design in Your Home | Cottagecore House Interior

Cottagecore, it’s not just an aesthetic, it’s a way of life. 

The internet has spoken and Cottagecore is the official aesthetic of 2021. Cottagecore can be defined as a movement to live a more simple rural life. Cottagecore has been seeping into our music, clothes, baking ( calling out all those sourdough bread fanatics) and now it is seeping into our interior design! 

What is Cottagecore

For those of you who have seen Cottagecore everywhere but still aren’t sure what it is and how you can apply it to your own home, you’re in the right place. Cottagecore is not just a push to more rural life, in design, it’s a movement for a more authentic natural-looking space. Cottagecore is the cooler younger brother of Country Farmhouse design. This design trend thrives in the simplicity of nature, natural materials, and comfort over vanity. This design trend isn’t about impressing the neighbors or having a picture-perfect home but instead finding comfort in your own space.

Biltmore 7 1/2″ White Oak Hardwood in Whistler

Cottagecore Floors 

When it comes to designing your house in the Cottagecore style we suggest keeping it neutral, simple and natural. Wood floors give the perfect cottage feel. We suggest choosing a natural medium stain floor for an effortless look. 

hardwood in entryway
Biltmore 7 1/2″ Hickory Hardwood in Tracery

Just because we are going back to the “simple” way of life doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the fruits of modern technology! Wood floors look amazing in houses but there are some limitations on where you can lay real wood, thankfully there are a few ways to get the hardwood look without using real hardwood! 

Wood look tiles are more durable than real hardwood & the upkeep is much easier! They come in a variety of natural looking colors & designs as well.

Legend 8×48 Wood Plank Tile in Havana

There are also laminate & vinyl options to fake the wood look! We love these faux wood alternatives as they are often waterproof & have a much easier day-to-day maintenance!

Farmhouse Manor 7 1/8″ Vinyl Plank in Monticello

Cottagecore & Natural Stone

If Cottagecore is all about natural living then natural stone is an obvious choice to choose for materials to design with! Natural stone brings a beautiful level of earthiness to your home and is subtle while simultaneously bringing a design together. We suggest choosing a matte and more rustic natural stone material to design with rather than a polished marble. 

Natural stone pebbles can create an interesting pop of color to your cottagecore home and we especially love how they look in bathrooms. Pebbles are a fun way to add some whimsical properties that are famous in Cottagecore design.

King Pebble 16×16 Natural Stone in Flores Green

A natural stone accent wall is great for a cozy living room. Ledger panels have a more natural shape to them and can extend the bridge between the beauty of outside nature & the comfort of home.

Landscape 6×24 Natural Stone Ledger Panel in Gold Rush
Landscape 6×24 Natural Stone Ledger Panel in California Gold

Natural Lighting in the Cottagecore Home

Imagine being curled up on your couch, reading a page-turning book as the soft afternoon light filters in…sounds like a dream? Invest in the proper window treatments for your Cottagecore home! We always stress the importance of window treatments in any type of design & Cottagecore is no different.

Drapes are a great option for Cottagecore design as the linen adds another level of texture to your home.

Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Drapery widow treatment
Hunter Douglas Design Studio™ Drapery

Shutters also give the timeless simple look as well. They look amazing in Cottagecore kitchens and living rooms. Make sure you invest in adjustable shutters so it allows for afternoon light to filter into the room.

Hunter Douglas Heritance® Hardwood Shutters

Cottagecore Accessories 

Take a page out of the Scandinavian lookbook and add some Hygee to your home! Hygge is defined as cozy decor! Add all the throw pillows, soft blanket and all the baby plants your heart desires, Cottagecore design has room for it all! 

Manchester 7 1/2″ White Oak Hardwood in Partridge
Manchester 7 1/2″ White Oak Hardwood in

We suggest adding a cozy rug to your living room or bedroom to add some dimension to your Cottagecore home. Keep the design simple like the interior style and focus more on the textile & design of the rug.

Karavia Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug in 2061N