Decorative Wall Tile Ideas

If you are looking for inspo content on decorative tiles then the rest of this blog is for you. Decorative stone wall tiles not only make a statement in your home, but they also give you an opportunity to show off your personality and taste. Decorative wall tiles add the extra pizazz needed to curate a beautiful design. Here are our favorite decorative wall tile looks: 

Bold Backsplashes

Don’t be afraid to go bold!  We are big fans of old-world patterns popping up in modern design. They look especially beautiful as backsplashes as they give the space a pop of pattern without overwhelming the space. If your tile makes up a bigger pattern we suggest going with a thinner grout line to give a more dramatic, uninterrupted patterned look. 

Kitchen backsplash
Harmonia Classic 13×13 Patterned Tile in White

Stylish Nook 

We have a confession to make, we love designing unexpected places in a home. A strategically placed sitting bench can transform into a cozy reading nook with the right tile & strategically placed accessories. Allowing decorative tiles to serve as part of your home’s natural design will also help separate an open floor plan without taking away from the airy open feel. 

Green accent wall
Denmark Vintage 8×8 Patterned Tile in #18

Fun Shower Moment 

Showers don’t have to be boring. Add some creativity to your bathroom with a fun accent wall in your shower.  When choosing an area to place decorative tiles we suggest paying attention to where the light naturally falls to. Natural light will highlight your decorative tile in a completely organic way & really makes them stand out.

Casablanca 8×8 Glazed Ceramic Patterned Tile in Aqua

Accent Backsplash

This is one of our favorite go-to’s because it not only looks beautiful, it can also be budget-friendly! We know patterned tile can get expensive so using accent colors to surround a decorative tile design for your kitchen is a great way to save while not compromising design.

We are a big fan of this style in kitchens as it’s an easy design trick to draw attention to certain kitchen appliances without breaking up the overall flow of the space. Check out this kitchen install we just recently did for a customer!

Studio 5.8×5.8 Vizcaya Deco Subway Tile in Timberline

Add some Texture 

Decorative wall tiles aren’t just for patterns, it can be for texture too! If you prefer a more understated subtle design for your home, adding a textured accent wall is exactly up your alley. These dimensional looks from our Glacier ceramic wall tile collection will have all your guests talking. 

Glacier 12×24 Matte Ceramic Wall Tile in
White Wind
Glacier 12×24 Matte Ceramic Wall Tile in White Spire

Make it Shine 

Another favorite decorative wall tile tactic we see is the power of shine through glass tiles. Glass tiles reflect light better and brighten up any room. Pay attention to existing colors and patterns in the room as decorative wall tiles should accentuate a room not completely take over it. 

Glass tiles
Agate 1/2×4 Brick Pearl Finish Glass Tile in Abruzzo

Mosaic wonders 

Mosaic decorative wall tiles are a combination of tiles in a set of sheets for easy installation. They are versatile as they come in different sizes, colors, materials, and shapes. Customize your wall with some unique backsplash tiles & create different looks.

Agate 1″ Hex Pearl Finish Glass Tile in Pisa
EVO Hex Polished Mosaic in Creama and Thassos