Designing with Natural Stone Ledger Panels

Natural stone has been a favorite among interior designers for decades. There’s nothing quite like the character and timelessness of natural stone ledgers in a home. Our Landscape Ledger Panels are a collection of natural stone wall panels that are filled with rich earthy colors. Here are our top picks for using natural stone ledger panels to completely transform your space into a beautiful natural oasis.

Landscape Natural Stone Ledger Panels 

Before we dive into the wide array of design options using landscape natural stone ledger panels, we have some basic information for you to know about when it comes to using this beautiful stone in your space. These Ledger panels clock in at 4.6×16 and retail at $9.99 per SQ FT. The split face finish is natural and ideal for interior and exterior wall projects. The Landscape Ledger Panel collection comes in many different colors and can be used anywhere from backsplashes to planter walls; the possibilities really are endless. 

Industrial Style Kitchen 

Give your kitchen an Industrial facelift with the Landscape Natural Stone Ledger Petite in Coal Canyon! The slight variation in black with this ledger gives the ideal rustic industrial aesthetic. Paired with some metal accents, these black ledger panels compliment the decor without overshadowing the design.

Landscape 4.5×16 Natural Stone Ledger Panel in Coal Canyon Petite

Modern Mid-century Living Room

Modern mid-century design is a funky, cool style that has been gaining popularity in the last few decades. The Landscape Natural Stone Ledger Panel collection can be used to create a retro fireplace accent wall that is reminiscent of the 50s. Pair this accent wall with some colorful furniture and vintage decor and create your own spin on the Modern Mid-century style. 

Landscape 4.5×16 Natural Stone Ledger Panel in Sierra Blue Petite

Scandinavian Home Design

The natural subtle colors available in this collection make it a go-to for Scandinavian design. The Natural Stone Ledger Petite in the Silver Travertine color in particular looks absolutely phenomenal for this popular design style. A natural stone accent wall in a Scandinavian-inspired house creates a focal point and more importantly adds a variety of color within the same color palette.

Landscape 4.5×16 Natural Stone Ledger Panel in Silver Travertine Petite

Rustic Farmhouse Design 

Nothing says rustic farmhouse more than natural stone walls. Pairing the Sierra Blue Landscape Ledger with wood floors and wood accents creates a rustic farmhouse cabin vibe that is cozy! The natural stone ledger panels give a more earthy vibe to the farmhouse style that is unique without straying too far away from the core principles. 

Landscape 6×24 Natural Stone Ledger Panel in Sierra Blue

Modern Design 

You can create a sleek modern look with a twist using the Landscape Natural Stone in Sunset Silver! This color has varying shades of grays and tans and looks beautiful in a modern design setting. The natural stone ledger panels give off earthy vibes that look absolutely stunning when paired with modern design. The sleek lines and contemporary furniture in this design aesthetic allow the Stone to stand out and become a central art piece within the home. 

Landscape 6×24 Natural Stone Ledger Panel in Sunset Silver

Traditional Design

Designing with natural stone is timeless so this collection, of course, really lends itself to traditional design. This entire collection has a classic edge to it that can be molded into many different design styles. The Silver Travertine looks stunning in a traditionally styled home as it has neutral colors.

Landscape 6×24 Natural Stone Ledger Panel in Silver Travertine

Boho Scandinavia Bathroom Design

A bit of boho and a bit Scandinavian, natural stone ledger panels in the Tiara Beige color creates an ideal spa bathroom. A natural stone shower gives off a remarkable earthy feel to it that is both Boho in nature and Scandinavian in minimalism. Pairing this stone with other earthy colors creates a cohesive put-together look. This amazing stone shower is the perfect place to relax after a long day.  

Landscape 6×24 Natural Stone Ledger Panel in Tiara Beige