Designing with Pebble Tiles

Pebble tiles are as popular as ever!  They’re a great way to bring a unique, organic look to any home.  Whether your style is clean and modern or classic and traditional, pebble tiles are a fantastic and flexible design element. Pebble tiles also come in both stone and glass variations, giving you multiple options for creating unique designs across multiple rooms of your home.

Pebble Tiles for Bathrooms – A Natural Choice

The most popular use of pebble tiles continues to be in bathrooms.  With pebble tiles, you can add a natural element to your shower floor or wall. Outside of the shower, pebble tiles work well as a feature wall, or they can dramatize the entire room with a wall-to-wall pebble floor.  With soothing colors and a great smooth feel on your feet, pebble tiles help create your perfect spa-like retreat – a place to refresh, relax and rejuvenate!

To create the perfect ambience for your home spa, consider these different options for designing with pebble tiles in the bathroom:

Soothing Earth Tone Pebble Tiles For a Relaxing Spa Feel

Perfect Pebble in French Tan

Level Pebble in French Tan

Add a Splash of Color to a Classic Design with Glass Pebble Tiles

Spindrift Azure Matte Glass Pebble Tile

Simple White Walls, Comforting Earth Tone Pebble Tiles &  Modern Sink for a Rustic Chic Look

Photo Courtesy of – Get the look with our Perfect Pebble Collection! 


Subtle Pebble Stone Texture That Turns Simple into Simply Elegant

Photo Courtesy of – Get the Look with our Perfect Pebble Collection! 


Combine Unique Pebble Tile Colors with an Organic Feel

King Pebble in Flores Green

Where else can I use Pebble Tiles?

Pebble tiles can be used almost anywhere, including the kitchen and the outdoors. Whether you want a small accent or a bold feature wall, pebble tiles can add a wow statement to your design. Here are a few ways you can use pebble tiles in your home outside of the bathroom:

  1. Add a rich, natural element of pebble tiles to your kitchen floors
    Perfect Pebble in Java Grey
  2. Bring a refreshing, organic element into your kitchen with a pebble stone backsplash
    Spindrift Marble Carrara Pebble Tile
  3. Create a dramatic feature wall with a larger scale pebble tile pattern

    Spindrift Marble Tempest Pebble Tile
  4. Dress Up your Outdoor Space! Pebbles can stand up to rain, wind and a lot of walking, making pebble tiles the perfect option for your favorite outdoor projects like walkways, pool walls/borders and even outdoor showers.
    Perfect Pebble in Birds Egg Blend