Designing with Riazza 9″ Hexagon Tiles

There’s a new kid on the block in the world of tile and it’s making some huge waves! The Riazza 9” Hexagon Porcelain tile is inspired by the classic look of Terrazzo which is very on-trend right now. Its unique look is different while still being neutral, lending itself to many different design styles. To say we are obsessed with this geometric tile is an understatement!


We love how versatile the Riazza tile is! This porcelain hexagon tile has a matte finish and can be used for both floor and wall applications. The matte finish actually makes it perfect for bathrooms as it is less slippery than polished tiles. There are 6 understated neutral colors in the porcelain hexagon collection; Pink, Green, Blue, Nero, Azulio and Grigio. These neutral colors give the perfect pop without overwhelming the room!

Boho Design Ideas 

When we first saw the Riazza in Green, we knew right away it would be perfect for a Boho-style house! The green porcelain hexagon tile option is the perfect accompaniment to a bohemian house filled with lots of green plants and flowers! It contrasts beautifully against wooden furniture and is a subtle, but effective tile choice for a Boho living room.

Green Tile
Riazza 9″ Hexagon Porcelain Tile in Green

Alternatively, the Pink Riazza Hexagon tile can also be used when designing the perfect Bohemian-inspired home. The soft subtle pinks in the tile are perfect for emphasizing bold color decor. The pink is neutral enough to fit in anywhere and colorful enough to shine in the Boho style.

Riazza 9″ Hexagon Porcelain Tile in Pink

Mid-modern Design Ideas 

Play up a funky vintage feel with the Riazza 9” Hexagon tile in Blue! The Blue is reminiscent of 70’s style wallpaper with a modern tile twist! Like the Green and Pink Riazza tiles, the Blue contrasts beautifully against colorful furniture of Modern Mid-century design!

Riazza 9″ Hexagon Porcelain Tile in Blue

The Blue Riazza makes a beautiful porcelain tile base as flooring in a Mid-century styled space. The Blue is a neutral enough base to give a pop of color without taking away from the furniture choices.

Riazza 9″ Hexagon Porcelain Tile in Blue

You can’t say the Riazza in Nero does not give off major vintage funky vibes. This black and white tile matches with everything and gives off the classic aesthetic of Mid-century design.

Riazza 9″ Hexagon Porcelain Tile in Nero

Scandinavain Design Ideas 

Scandinavian home design is all about neutrality and the Riazza Azulio tiles are the perfect example of “neutrality with a kick!” The different shades of gray and unique design gives visual interest to a Scandinavian room. The colors and design are subtle and offer a more modern take on Scandinavia Style.

Riazza 9″ Hexagon Porcelain Tile in Azulio

Bathroom Ideas

As stated above the Riazza hexagon porcelain tile collection can work for both walls and floors. The collection is matte and frost resistant making it a perfect choice when designing a bathroom! The wide range of colors means there’s a wide range of design options when it comes to this tile!

For a more bold look, go with Nero! The Nero color looks amazing in a shower and can be paired with a more simple white penny tile on the floors or a basketweave mosaic. 

Riazza 9″ Hexagon Porcelain Tile in Nero

If you want a more subtle look for your bathroom the gray Riazza will create the spa room of your dreams. The hexagon shape along with the design pattern on the tile creates a peaceful nook in your bathroom.

Riazza 9″ Hexagon Porcelain Tile in Gray

This collection also can shine as the backsplash in your bathroom. Paired with a glass sink and neutral vanity, the Riazza in Green really shines! When it comes to styling as a backsplash we suggest pairing the lighter colors with bold accents to accentuate the tile and the decor!