Designing with the Arabescata Carrara Marble Tile Collection

Natural stone marble is timeless. It reflects light beautifully & always makes a house look chic which is why we are obsessed with our Arabscata Carrara marble stone collection! Not only is this collection versatile, it looks amazing in every nook and cranny you can think of! 

Natural Stone Marble Collection

Before we get into designing with this gorgeous natural stone there are a few basics we have to get out of the way! The Arabescata Carrara collection is one of our favorite natural stone collections as there is a wide selection of sizes and patterns to choose from! Our Arbescata Carrara marble tile collection comes in the following sizes; 3×6, 4×12, 6×12, Octagon, Herringbone & Basketweave. Additionally, there are some variations from this collection like the Carrara Select & White Carrara that have a slightly different marble pattern than the original Arabscata Carrara collection & great for creating a unique look. 

Another great pro about this tile is it’s made out of marble which is much easier to clean & maintain! The larger tiles especially have fewer grout lines, making it a breeze to keep clean & looking its absolute best! 

Marble Bathrooms 

One can never go wrong with Carrara marble bathroom floors or backsplashes! Marble looks stunning in a bathroom and the reflective polish shine can make even the smallest bathroom look huge! Going full marble in your bathroom is an easy way to upgrade the space to look absolutely phenomenal! An all-marble bathroom gives a classic luxury look that will impress you every time you walk in it!

Arabescata Carrara 12×24 Marble

Marble showers

Marble tile showers are so spectacular they get their own spot in our blog post! When you design with marble in your shower, you create a relaxing luxurious spa! Our Carrara select, in particular, has some beautiful detailing that looks beautiful paired with glass shower doors!

Carrara Select 12×24 Honed

A marble niche always looks chic & pulls together your shower look! 

Arabescata Cararra Select 4×12 Marble

Marble Backsplashes 

Marble tile backsplashes are beyond elegant! Designers love marble backsplashes because they pair with just about anything! Our 3×6 Arabescata Caraarra Select Marble in 3×6 makes a great neutral backsplash! It looks phenomenal in Kitchens & bathrooms as the light color pairs with any kitchen cabinet or bathroom vanity! Creating a neutral base in a room gives more design options later down the road. If your base is neutral then a bathroom refresh is much easier to do, not to mention less expensive because all there is to do is swap out the decor!

Arabescata Cararra Select 3×6 Marble

This collection has many different marble tile patterns to get a unique backsplash look, like the Octagon Mosiac! 

Arabescata Cararra Select 2″ Octagon Mosaic

There is even a Herringbone Mosaic in this collection which is amazing because Herringbone is majorly on trend this year! 

Arabescata Cararra Select 1×2 Herringbone Marble

Mix & Match

Our favorite feature about this natural stone marble collection is how easy it is to design an entire bathroom or Kitchen with this marble collection! Since there are so many different sizes and patterns it’s easy to mix and match the different sizes to create an all marble stunning bathroom or Kitchen! When designing within the same or similar collections it creates a more put-together cohesive look that we can all enjoy!

Arabescata Cararra Select Basketweave Marble