Different Area Rug Styles

Different area rug styles can make your home warmer and more inviting as temperatures start to fall. While there are a variety of ways to do this, the easiest way is by adding an area rug. A well-chosen area rug can do wonders. Besides adding warmth, it will add comfort and incredible style to your space. To be able to choose the right rug, it helps to be familiar with the different styles and that’s why we’re here to help!

Traditional Area Rugs

Oriental Weaver Masterpiece Area Rug in 1335I available at Avalon Flooring

Traditional (or Oriental) rugs are often the first style that comes to mind when talking about area rugs. They’re from distinct regions, Asia and Europe, and have a long history in their weaving process.

Asian style area rug styles are from Persia, China and India; and the most common European styles are from Spain and Turkey. Main features of traditional style area rugs are Persian details like vines, flowers and scrollwork. Traditional rugs typically have inner borders filled with intricate patterns, making them great for centering any space.

Modern Area Rugs

Monaco Sisal Wool Area Rug in Charcoal

Modern area rugs are a great neutral design addition to your space. The key to decorating with a modern carpet is to let the rug complement your furniture and décor rather than overpower it.

Casual Area Rugs

Casual style area rugs are a combination of themes, patterns, and colors that give a more relaxed feel and look to a space. These types of rugs can be found in solid colors and simple patterns. Other types of casual area rugs are floral, tropical and shag carpet variations.

Contemporary Area Rugs

Medusa Area Rug in Charcoal/Fiesta available at Avalon Flooring

Contemporary area rugs can make a bold statement with patterns or provide a nice backdrop for modern design spaces. This style of area rugs include trendy pieces that are often found in a texture or loop-piled weave in bold colors and unique shapes. They’re just as popular as traditional area rugs due to the variety of design options.

Transitional Area Rugs

Couristan Europa Area Rug in Ganymede Galaxy available at Avalon Flooring

Transitional area rugs are another popular style. This style combines both traditional and contemporary, creating a fresh, trendy look while still maintaining an old-world charm. Some transitional styles have floral patterns and borders; muted color palettes and updated traditional patterns like distressed oriental motifs or large-scale vines and scrollwork. This type of rug can bring interest to a room with highly traditional décor or add warmth to a modern, contemporary space.

Now that all the different styles of area rugs are broken down, it’s easy to see which area rug will fit best into your home design. And to break it down even more, check out our other tips on how to clean and maintain, and how to choose the right size area rug!

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