Elegant Tile Design | Monte Carlo Collection

The Monte Carlo Tile collection is the definition of timeless elegance. All the tiles in this collection are simply stunning. The striking details of this collection accentuate its natural beauty, while the range of shapes and colors bring versatility to your design. Available in different sizes and shapes, there are so many different design options when it comes to styling this versatile collection.

Monte Carlo Tile Collection Colors 

What truly makes this collection stand out are the stunning colors available and all the unique sizes available. The white Onyx color & Stylish Taupe provide more of a Scandinavian minimalist classic vibe when it comes to house decor. They are both quite simple in their design and it accentuates natural beauty often found in Scandinavian design.

Monte Carlo 1×3 Herringbone in Stylish Taupe
Monte Carlo 24×48 Polished Porcelain Tile White Onyx

The New Arabescato color is reminiscent of classic marble slabs and creates a very luxe look. The classic design lends itself to a retro luxe Modern Mid-century design. This design is Modern Mid-century meets the Upper East Side and can be played up to be more vintage or, luxurious depending on your design vision.

Black & white tile
Monte Carlo 24×48 Polished Porcelain Tile New Arabescato

Last but certainly not least is the dreamy Iconic Blue and let us just say, this color is definitely Iconic! This tile creates a whimsical dreamy look with its almost cloud-like design. If we could live in this design we would. It’s absolutely beautiful and any room designed with the Monte Carlo  Iconic Blue color is sure to be a beautiful one!

Monte Carlo 24×48 Polished Porcelain Tile Iconic Blue

The Monte Carlo Collection has two different finish options available, polish and matte. Polish tiles are famous for their luxe glossy finish. Tiles with a glossy finish make a room look bigger because they reflect so much light. Matte tiles however are safer, especially in high water traffic areas because of their non-slip reputation. Matted tiles are also easier to upkeep as the polish tile smudges and shows dirt easily.

Monte Carlo 24×28 Polished

There are 4 different sizes and shapes within the Monte Carlo Collection. The biggest pieces are the 24×48 porcelain tile that is perfect for a smooth clean look. The tiles are larger so in return it provides more of a seamless look when paired with complimenting color grout. The 24×48 tiles in this collection are polished tiles so they reflect light well. It’s big enough to be used in both walls and floor or both to create an ultra-luxe look.

Monte Carlo 24×48 Polished Porcelain Tile Stylish Taupe

Monte Carlo 12×24 Matte

The Monte Carlo 12X24 is the second biggest tile size available in this collection and unlike the 24×28 it is not polished but matte. If you love the color and design of this tile but don’t want the shiny polished look the 12×24 is for you! This is half the size of the 24×28 polished tiles in this collection so we suggest this one be used as wall tiles.

Monte Carlo 4×12 Porcelain Tile Stylish Taupe

Monte Carlo 12×24 Herringbone Mosiac Matte

Herringbone has been a big trend when it comes to design this year so we love that the Monte Carlo collection has a Herringbone pattern! It looks stunning both as a backsplash and floor tile look. We love this pattern because it pairs really well with the other tile sizes and shapes in this collection.

Monte Carlo 1×3 Herringbone Mosaic Matte Porcelain Tile in Iconic Blue

Monte Carlo Esagono Evo Hexagon & Mosaic

Some other tiles in this collection that pairs well with the rest are the Monte Carlo Esagono Evo Hexagon and the Mosaic tile. Mainly used for the wall, this elegant tile looks amazing when paired with Herringbone floors or even contrasting the wall with the 12×24 tile and the Hexagon tile. 

Monte Carlo Esagono Evo Hexagon Polished Porcelain in Stylish Taupe

Our absolute favorite feature of this collection is that you can truly design an entire room with just these elegant tiles! Whether you are using them to create a luxe bathroom or a beautiful corner in your house one thing stays true, the Monte Carlo collection is timeless elegance. 

Monte Carlo 4×12 Porcelain Tile in White Onyx