Entryway Flooring Ideas

Entryway: a way into somewhere or something; an entrance. A house’s first impressions. 

Synonym: Foyer, Entrance, Front Doorway 

The entryway of the home sets the tone for the rest of your home and is the first impression any home makes. Often overlooked, we believe designing the right entryway space is vital for designing a beautiful home. Check out the rest of our blog to learn all about our Entryway design essentials and get inspired with our hottest entryway ideas.

Entryway Flooring Essentials 

When it comes to Entryway design essentials we always suggest designing with durable, quality products. Waterproof flooring is almost always suggested. Entryways track dirt and grime from the outside so it’s essential to choose a flooring product that has an easy clean-up.

New Opportunity 3 1/4" Red Oak Hardwood in Natural featured in entryway
New Opportunity 3 1/4″ Red Oak Hardwood in Natural

Hardwood Flooring 

Hardwood Flooring is a classic design choice, it gives the impression of a fresh and clean house. The main and only downside of hardwood flooring is that it is sensitive to dirt, scratches, and water damage if exposed to too much water. The good news is these issues are easy to combat with a few clever tips and tricks. 

Biltmore 7 1/2" Hickory Hardwood in Tracery featured in an entryway
Biltmore 7 1/2″ Hickory Hardwood in Tracery

Hardwood with a low gloss or textured finish will hide dirt and scratches more easily and still provides so much warmth in a room. 

Plymouth White Oak 7" Hardwood in Kingston flooring
Plymouth White Oak 7″ Hardwood in Kingston
Trailblazer Hickory 5" Hardwood in Appleseed featured in an entryway
Trailblazer Hickory 5″ Hardwood in Appleseed

Area rugs can also protect your wood floors and add pops of color to your entryway.

Lulubella On Trend Carpet in Ocean stair runner
Lulubella On Trend Carpet in Ocean

Entryway Tile Floor Design Ideas

Porcelain tile is stylish and durable. Tile can not only replicate the classic look of hardwood but it’s also waterproof too! We have a wide array of wood-look tile options that can transform your entryway. Lighter wood-look styles open up your entryway and make it feel brighter and airier. 

Exence 8x48 Wood Plank Tile in Amber featured in a hallway
Exence 8×48 Wood Plank Tile in Amber

For a more modern style, natural wood planks give the perfect rustic feel. 

Cottage 8x48 rustic Wood Plank Tile in Carpino featured in rustic hallway
Cottage 8×48 Wood Plank Tile in Carpino

Tile is also an opportunity to play around with different tile patterns! Pattern tile is a great flooring option for those who want a more vintage aesthetic or anyone who wants to create a unique space. 

Kite Century 4 x 11 3/4 Patterned Tile in Gray featured in vintage entryway
Kite Century 4 x 11 3/4 Patterned Tile in Gray
Black & white checkered floor for an entryway
Customer photo @wilkinsonremodeling

Stone Look Vinyl Flooring 

The number one rule in design is never to count vinyl flooring out! Stone-look vinyl flooring embodies all the natural beauty of real stone with superior durability. Vinyl tile is waterproof, crackproof, and indentation-proof. We love how lux they make an entryway look and how low maintenance it is. 

Play around with different vinyl designs to create a unique look!

COREtec Stone 12x24 stone-look Vinyl Tile in Sahni Polished featured in luxury entryway
COREtec Stone 12×24 Vinyl Tile in Sahni Polished