European Oak Flooring | Design with European Oak

Sophistication and style meet in our new Ellington European Oak Hardwood collection. European Oak is a classic among hardwood types for its timeless design and its extreme popularity. Its strong heavy build mean’s it’s less likely to expand and contract to a noticeable extent when combined with a strong, engineered core like its American counterpart. The classic design of European oak flooring allows it to be versatile to any design style and is a nice touch to any home.

Ellington European Oak collection

European Oak is known for its softer grain and longer-length planks, giving you an on-trend look that compliments any space. This collection of wide-width, lighter-toned hardwood provides a balance of organic texture and modern warmth. The different color ranges in this European oak series lend themselves to many different style designs and can truly change the overall aesthetic of a room. 

Rustic and Edgy 

Industrial design is known for its dark floors and exposed brick but modern industrial is more lax with the “rules”. The Ellington collection in Grandview color is perfect for anyone trying to go for a rustic industrial vibe. The light and dark tones in Grandview give a more edgy vibe than the other colors in this collection. 

Ellington European Oak 8 5/8″ Hardwood in Grandview

Clean and Fresh

North Spring and Hillcrest colors from the Ellington series are both great options for anyone looking for a more minimalist clean look often found in Scandinavian design. The light color ranges in both of these European oak variations give a fresh airy look that is not limited to just Scandinavian. We suggest looking at these two European oak flooring colors if you want a more fresh and modern look for your house.

Ellington European Oak 8 5/8″ Hardwood in Hillcrest
Ellington European Oak 8 5/8″ Hardwood in North Spring