2020 Hardwood Trends

For centuries, hardwood floors have been a failsafe choice for any and every esthetic. But not all hardwood flooring is created equal, and selecting the right style that will endure can be a challenge. To help guide your selection, we’ve compiled the top trends we’re seeing for 2020.

White Oak is a Natural Choice for Hardwood Floors

Among top designers and homeowners alike, the favorite wood species trend this year is white oak. In addition to its durability and affordability, white oak adds the perfect balance of organic texture and modern warmth to any space.

Nantucket White Oak 5″ Hardwood in Natural

Try Wider Planks for a More Distinctive Look

An increasingly popular choice, the wide plank hardwood trend adds a sense of uniqueness and vibrancy to any room. Wide planks can also make a room look larger. In modern homes, they can lend a contemporary feel and for older homes they can complete a rustic, authentic look.

Ellington European Oak 8 5/8″ in Hillcrest

Ellington European Oak 8 5/8″ in Grandview

Light Brown is the Trending Hardwood Flooring Color

As a recent hardwood flooring trend, some designers have been shifting away from cool gray finishes and moving towards cooler, light brown wood floors. This sophisticated, European look can balance out dark paint colors in a room or serve as a good foundation for lighter, brighter furnishings.

Acadia 3 1/4″ Hard Maple Hardwood in Bronze

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