Hottest Tile Trends for 2020

Tile is one of the easiest ways to express your personal style and reinvigorate almost any room in your house.  Our buyers travel the world in search of the latest designs and bring back tiles that can refresh your home, making it the envy of friends and family!

Here are the top four tile trends we’re seeing for 2020:

Discover the Beauty of Blue Tile

Blue is definitely one of the most popular color trends we’re seeing in tile this year.  Classic blue gives you the feeling of confidence and stability that works so well in traditional interiors.  Bright blue tile will make a bold statement and energize any room.  Turquoise and teal can conjure up a more Mediterranean feel and a nice escape from the everyday, while greyish blues have a more subdued look that will give you a sense of calm and serenity. The possibilities are endless!

Watercolor in Cosmic Sapphire


Luna in Seaglass


Monte Carlo in Iconic Blue


Mix it up with Geometric Stone Tile

Geometric patterns in stones is a classic look that’s been used since ancient times.  That same classic look has become a modern tile trend by incorporating different marble and stone types within a single tile. This technique also makes it easier to mix & match different patterns to create unique and funky compositions.  These new patterns in mosaics can add a sense of luxury on projects big and small.

EVO Hex Polished Mosaic with Carrara Marble and Moonstone


New Era Hex Mosaic in Carrara Marble with Lagos, White Carrara and Black


Create a Unique Look with Oxidized Metal Tile

Oxidized metal has been a part of architecture and design for over a century – from the green patina on aged copper roofs (and the Statue of Liberty!) to the industrial look of aged pewter.  Now oxidized metal tile is trending again! You can capture this tile trend with large format tiles that will give any room a truly distinct look.

Alloy in Taupe


Move Beyond the Traditional with Textured Tile

Looking to add another layer of excitement to a traditional tiled room?  Join in the latest trend and add some textured tiles to your overall design! The unique look and feel of these tiles will add that extra visual interest you’ve been looking for.

Glacier 12×24 Spire in White


Glacier 12×24 Geometric in White


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