How to Make a Smaller Room Look and Feel Bigger

Has your living room or bedroom seemed a bit small lately? We know your space might feel a bit tight with everyone at home all the time, so we’ve put together some tips on how to rearrange your space for the time being to make each room look and feel larger!


Rearrange Your Room to Make It Seem Bigger

The more time you spend at home, the smaller your living room or bedroom may seem to feel.  But with a few simple steps, you can start reclaiming some of your space. 

Moving around your furniture can help you create space. Consider rearranging the furniture in your small space so that there is one larger focal point – perhaps your bed or a larger sofa. The remainder of the furniture and decor should work around that main focal point.

Organization is key to making a space feel larger. Whether it’s a large collection of knick-knacks and tchotchkes, or just a pile of mail that you keep meaning to file away, having a lot of little pieces on all your furniture can make a room feel cluttered. While you’re home, take some time to evaluate how many things you need to keep out, and what you can begin to tuck away out of sight. Developing an organization system will help minimize the clutter and make any room feel more open. 

Another great way to open up your space is to have multiple points of light. If you have multiple lamps or light fixtures in your room, try spreading them out across different pieces of furniture so that the light fills all corners of the room. This is a particularly important trick if your room is low on natural light.  


Redesigning a Small Room

If shifting around some furniture simply isn’t enough to make your room feel bigger, consider planning for a renovation to permanently open up your space! There are multiple ways you can alter a room to make it seem larger – without major construction.



Your current flooring may be holding you back. When designing a floor for a small room, opt for lighter colors in hardwood, vinyl, laminate, or tile to help the room have a more airy feel. Wider planks can also help your room feel more spacious. It is important to consider the layout of the room before installing your new flooring, as well. Any plank-style flooring – whether hardwood, laminate, or vinyl – should be installed parallel to the longest dimension of the room to create an illusion of space. 

Here are some examples of stylish plank flooring we carry:

Styleo 7 1/2″ Waterproof Laminate in Lili Oak
COREtec Everyday Chestnut Vinyl Plank in Liberty

To learn more about different ways to lay your flooring to help revamp your space, check out our other blog here. 


Window Treatments

Consider swapping out your current window treatments for a set that maximizes the room. For example, floor-to-ceiling decorative curtains can help make the ceiling seem higher and therefore enlarge the space. You may also want to consider window blinds that let in as much natural light as possible; flooding the space with light is a sure way to make your room seem more expansive.


Design Studio™ Drapery Panels from Hunter Douglas

Area Rugs

While it may seem that area rugs would take up extra space, the fact is that strategically placed area rugs can actually make your room seem larger by giving the illusion of additional square footage. Check out our guide on the best way to place an area rug for every room.

Sahara Area Rug in Ivory/Beige

Paint and Color Schemes

Repainting the walls can be a great way to open up a space, but you may need to rethink your color scheme. Think in extremes – very light or very dark colors both lend themselves to an optical illusion of more space. On the other hand, more medium-toned color schemes can actually make a room appear smaller. 

Accent Walls

Incorporating an accent wall into your small room can create contrast and actually make the room appear bigger. When planning for an accent wall, you’ll want to consider the best wall option for the space – usually, the first wall you would see when walking into the room. And while the idea of an accent wall might first make you think of just an alternative paint color, covering the wall with a different material can really make the room pop. Consider using hardwood, vinyl, or natural stone as your accent wall to open up your space.  Check out our blog on selecting the perfect accent wall for your room.

Thinking about redoing a room to make it seem bigger? Check out our room guides for inspiration and contact us to learn how Avalon Flooring can help refresh your space!

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