How to Make the Living Room More Functional

As we are spending more time working from home, you may find that your living room has now assumed a wide variety of functions, from home office to playroom to relaxation space. Check out some tips on how to make your living room space more functional.


Making the Most of Your Current Space

Attempting to relax and unwind in the same exact spot that you’ve been working in all day is sure to keep stress levels high. While working from home, try to separate designated “work” areas in your living room from “relaxing” areas. For now, it might be time to shift your furniture around to create actual workspaces, rather than just opening up your laptop on the couch. This could mean moving a table into the corner that becomes your desk space, while rotating the sofa to cordon off a specific reading or television area. 

You may also want to consider redefining the “central” focal point of the room. Many living rooms are arranged around a centralized focal point – a television, fireplace, or large sofa. For the sake of the many functions your living room has taken on, reconsider the need for that centralized focus. Rearranging seating areas can create multiple smaller focal points, effectively turning one living room into many smaller “rooms,” each with their own focal point.


Redesigning Your Living Room for Functionality



Are you realizing that your kids are using the living room for more play space? You may want to consider a more forgiving flooring option than your current hardwood or tile. Installing carpet in your living room can make it a more kid-friendly space.

Is spending more time in your living room resulting in more spills on the floor? Consider installing water-resistant laminate or vinyl flooring to make clean-up a breeze.

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Window Treatments

Tired of constantly getting up to adjust the blinds as the glare of sunlight shifts throughout the day? If you’re spending more time working in your living room, consider installing automated window treatments. These smart blinds can be controlled via a remote or even an app on your smartphone, making it easy for you to adjust the lighting no matter where you are in the living room. 

Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorization


Area Rugs

Area rugs can help create defined spaces within your living room. Divide your work zone from your relaxation space, or build a designated play area for your kids’ toys. 

Oslo Shag Area Rug in Denim Blue

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