Laminate Flooring Trends 2020

Getting the look of real wood is getting easier and easier every year. With improvements made to the manufacturing process and the overall design, laminate flooring is a go-to product for homeowners who want to elevate their homes design. We are breaking down the top trends in laminate flooring for 2020!


Waterproof and Water-Resistant Laminate Flooring

The top trend in laminate flooring has to be the waterproof and water-resistant qualities. These floors feature the same durable construction of traditional laminate flooring but with added peace of mind built in that helps them repel moisture and protects them from damage. Gone are the days of stressing about every spill, which is a great option for households with busy lifestyles.

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Laminate Trends for Colors & Shades

High Variation Laminate

We’re used to seeing this high variation look with traditional hardwood flooring, but with laminate flooring, you can achieve that natural look for less money. With high variation on laminate, there are HD printed layers that are created and added to the basic layers that mimic the real colors and shades of authentic wood. It will make a unique statement in your home.

Trendsetter 7.48″ Water Resistant Laminate in Milan

Gray Laminate

The gray shade of flooring is officially no longer a “new trend”, it has grown a lot over the years and become a staple trend that fits into almost any home décor style. Out of all the different neutral shades, gray adds a sense of sophistication that makes it extra special.

Guardian 7.5″ Waterproof Laminate in Ceres

Whitewashed Laminate

The whitewashed shade has made a comeback. gives your space a relaxed vibe while also making it look brighter and bigger, no matter if your home décor is modern or farmhouse style.

Colossia Laminate in Denali Oak


Blonde Laminate

A blonde color shade of laminate flooring will add a nice light, more open and timeless touch to your home. It’s a traditional shade option that is gaining more popularity because of the versatility in tones today, from cool to warm, which makes it pair nicely with any décor style.

Natrona Laminate in Wheat Oak


Honey Laminate

Like the blonde shades, honey will make your space look bigger and more open, but with a nice touch of warmth thanks to its richer tone. It’s a shade that always ends up being more classic as shade trends tend to shift between light and dark every few years.

Colossia Waterproof Laminate in Walker Oak
Colossia Waterproof Laminate in Walker Oak


Layout & Pattern Trends for Laminate

Herringbone Laminate

When it comes to herringbone, it can either set the tone for a whole room or make a nice first impression on the floor of an entryway.

Photo courtesy of


Diagonal Laminate

This direction is a nice classic touch that also adds an extra bit of style. And to make it even better, it also maximizes the length of the room by creating the illusion that it’s a larger area.


Wide Planks

Wide planks are a style that will never go away in hardwood but now even laminate flooring. They help make your space feel more open and less busy at a less expensive price than hardwood.

Photo courtesy of Mannington


Mixed Width Plank Laminate

Mixing up the random widths of laminate planks are sure to add an extra pop to your space. And they’re sure to help create a natural, authentic feel like traditional hardwood.

Photo courtesy of Shaw Floors

Now that you know about the popular trends in laminate flooring, you can start figuring out which trend or even combination of trends will be best for your home!

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