Latest on the Mid-century Modern House Trend

The Mid-century modern house design trend has been popular for the better part of the last century. This timeless design has outlived its origins of the 1930s-1960s era and rooted its way into society. Its vintage vibe has been modernized as the years go by and generations upon generations of new home buyers have fallen in love with the functional, yet aesthetically pleasing Mid-century modern interior design.

If you love the Mid-century modern design trend but don’t know how to achieve it, you’ve come to the right place. The best thing about the Mid-century modern house is that it is very much a reflection of the owner’s own personality, which means this trend can be slightly altered in your home to fit your family’s lifestyle. Do not let that intimidate you, instead lean into your personality and the functionality of this design trend!

It’s about function & style

Out of all the design trends out there, Mid-century modern is perhaps the most functional. It’s all about furniture, design and accessories that are as functional as they are stylish. This is the “Marie Kondo” of design styles, it either serves a purpose, brings you joy or it’s out! Finding pieces that look amazing but also serve a purpose is the key to the perfect Mid-century modern design! 

Riverwood 6x36 Wood Plank Tile in Gunstock
Riverwood 6×36 Wood Plank Tile in Gunstock

Balance of Color

One of our favorite parts about this interior design trend is all the fun you can have with colors! The Mid-century modern house has beautiful color accents that tie a certain room together. The keyword is “accents” when it comes to the Mid-century modern interior design, you don’t want to overdo it or have too many clashing colors. A nice neutral wall can pair nicely with your favorite color accents. An easy way to incorporate color in a midcentury modern kitchen is with a fun backsplash paired with neutral cabinets and colors, giving a vintage vibe while still being cohesive. This trick can also be implemented in a Mid-century modern design bathroom as well!

Tribeca 1" Hex Glossy Mosaic Tile in Rusty Red
Tribeca 1″ Hex Glossy Mosaic Tile in Rusty Red

Wood is a Base

Wood is another popular feature in this design trend. Wood shows up on furniture, on walls and of course on the floor when it comes to Mid-century modern house plans. We suggest if you choose to do wood on the walls to limit it to an accent wall so you’re not overwhelmed with too much wood. Rich dark wood floors also work well with the Mid-century modern design as it’s a good neutral base. 

Prime Exotic 5 1/4" Brazilian Chestnut Hardwood in Natural
Prime Exotic 5 1/4″ Brazilian Chestnut Hardwood in Natural

Wood-look tiles can also give the Mid-century vintage look if you don’t want to go with real wood.

American Estates 9x36 Wood Plank Tile in Spice
American Estates 9×36 Wood Plank Tile in Spice

The Beauty is in the accessories

The Mid-century house is all about that vintage feel intertwining with modern style. As we mentioned, this can easily be achieved with the right neutral base and colorful accents. With that said, the accessories are what make a Mid-century modern house. It’s the clean lines, bold artwork, vintage vibe rugs and light fixtures that bring the Mid-century modern home design together. It’s about creating a clean base and adding your personality to make the Mid-century interior design shine in your home!